I have been wondering, can Amerikkka brute force its way through this pandemic? Can they force the workers to work long enough to get a vaccine? I think about this because we have been so close to a real revolutionary moment, but it requires broader participation. In the end if all we have accomplished through all of this is just more dead workers, we will have failed. Perhaps Amerikkka is not ready to give up the power it’s amassed. We must become strong enough to take it back.

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@free_appalachia I've heard people referencing the first failed Russian revolution lately as a historical analog for the situation we're in now. Idk how useful that frame is since that was 100 years ago and in a very different political economy.

Personally I don't think we're going to have a big revolutionary moment so much as little sparks of revolution in communities everywhere while US hegemony decays. I'm helping build microhouses next weekend for local houseless folks which I'm really excited about since it's local mutual aid that undermines the legitimacy of the state.

@peacelovememes that’s awesome, I would love to help out a project like that!

@free_appalachia how do you connect with Comrades locally? I've been thinking about setting up an instance exclusively for leftists in my town. I'm in the Salish sea region, I'm assuming you're on appalachia?

@peacelovememes I don’t really know many people near me that are into radical politics. I’m also very introverted. I have lived all over but now I’m in Appalachia, which is where I grew up. When I was in Eugene there was a project building tiny houses in 3 locations to house homeless people. I tried to get involved but like a lot of organizations I never heard back, presumably because they have a lot going on.

Yeah I live in Toronto which is huge but its also very sectioned off and as someone with serious anxiety issues I'm also wondering about very local organizing and how to go about that and how to provide support. Great post :)

@peacelovememes @free_appalachia I've seen a few references to the French revolution, but I guess people have been doing that for a few years.

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