Cops, Rioting, Fire 

Here is a romantic meme for yall
To all the Black, Brown and Indigenous trans women reading this:

Hey kids, don't tattoo your hands. Identifying tattoos can lead to arrests and unless it's the middle of winter you're probably not gloved up every time you leave the house.

I wish I had thought about this before I tattooed my hands.

Sea pol, police, car attack, mass shooting 

Remember when that fascist drove in to protestors in Seattle, then shot the person who tried to stop him? He pulled a gun with an extended mag, shot one person, his gun jammed, then he ran to police for protection. Here's the OPA report:

His brother was one of the cops on the line that day.

Up now on Listen Left, we have To Tramps & The Principals of Anarchism by the phenomenal Lucy Parsons

“Support Talib Atunde’s Legal Fund
gofundme link
His court date Feb 17 2021
I am calling for us to join forces to help one of our brothers who has been present on the frontline fighting for our people. Its time to support him by assisting with the funds for an adequate legal team. He will be tried in court soon for providing security in a PEACEFUL demonstration for black, white and brown people alike, in North Carolina, and needs our help !!!“

(Via Fred Hampton Gun Club)

Are you a member of The Nap Ministry congregation? If not, then maybe you'd give it a shot! The Nap Bishop preaches against Grind Culture and praises the act of resting as resistance. 😴🛌💤❤️

someone told me they’re having problems with their internet, it keeps going out. i said i too am having problems with my internet, it’s still connected!

All of todays #Fediverse logos.

You can find them all on my #PixelFed account: @paulakreuzer

What's next?
I definitely plan on doing the #Mastodon mascot and some of these:
:XR: :EG: :fff: :s4f: ...
But I'll also do requests, so what would you like to see next?

#embroidery #Stickerei #Sticken #ActivityPub #PeerTube #MastoArt #FediArt #WomensArt #EnbyArt

re: uspol / twitter link 

@polymerwitch The olympic peninsula is a hell of fascist ideology.

uspol / twitter link 

uhhhh... the City Government of Sequim, WA was overthrown by the unelected mayor who supports QAnon in a closed executive session

Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

With J20 coming up, I recommend keeping a stash of dry food, water, extra gas, etc on hand if you can. Have a go pack with warm cloths and have an escape route planned. Maybe think about where you and your loved ones will meet up. Be prepared for the worst and hopefully this will turn out to be just wind in sails as often it is. Ultimately, we protect us and I hope we are all prepared to do exactly that.

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No matter who wins this little skirmish between the boogs and the state, we will have our hands full dealing with the backlash of both groups, who will no doubt respond more and more aggressively to confrontations. The reality of what war might look like doesn't seem to have set in for most people yet, but we are already in this over our knees and whatever happens we're likely to be fighting our way out of it. I hope everybody gets some good rest now, we are gonna need to be at our best.

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