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Someone just tipped me off to the fact that some chud infiltrated a local protest org and found the real name and face of some dude who alleges themselves to be a "leader" of the local protest org. Notable in that they were able to do so because this person used telegram for what should have been secure communications, used their real name on Telegram, and had a facebook account, also connected to their real name.

I shouldn't have to tell you this, but these are all bad ideas stacked into each other like a casserole made with expired chicken and pepto bismol as the sauce.

Just... holy shit, come on. Signal is the absolute bare minimum of secure communications, and even that's not particularly good. If you're going to be doing stuff that the chuds and fash are going to care about, actually put some fucking effort into keeping yourself and the people you collaborate with safe.

Using and relying on such insecure services is inviting trouble.

Urgent mutual aid request for Black comrade in housing crisis.

Has been living in unsafe situation and needs to relocate. Currently short approx $250 for rent and utilities.

Please donate and/or share.

Venmo - @patjdee
cashapp - $jpat10
paypal at paypal.com/paypalme/jdp5

Thank you so very much for any and all support.

On January 21, 1952, Swiss anarchist Marco Camenisch was born. In 1980 Camenisch was arrested for bombing multiple electric pylons and transformers connected to nuclear power plants. He spent the next decades escaping from prison, then getting convicted of shooting cops. At his 1980 trial, Camenisch delivered an amazing statement while sporting a red star on his forehead. You can read this statement in our pamphlet series Defiance+.

The series is a supplement to our book Defiance: Anarchist Statements before Judge and Jury. We have five additional statements together in pamphlet form, with silkscreened covers, edition of 15. Statements are by Georges Etiévant, Nikos Maziotis, Marco Camenisch, Haris Hatzimichelakis, and four defendants in the Operation Scripta Manent Trial.


The 'War on Terror' helped usher in an age of mass surveillance + State repression, while police looked the other way as fascist forces grew on the street + in the halls of power. Giving the government even more power to police dissent isn't the answer. itsgoingdown.org/new-war-on-te

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“Distributed Denial of Secrets has just released 32 terabytes of videos, images and text posts from alt social media site Parler for download.”


Any time you see something like "first transgender woman to do X," or "first transgender man to do Z," consider that they're actually likely the first *openly* transgender person to do that. We're everywhere & always have been.

Stop glorifying certain tactics and shaming others, this goes both ways. People on the front lines need to stop shaming people that vote, just as much as people that vote need to stop shaming people on the front lines... when we do that, with radical acceptance of all comrades fighting their own way, this is called solidarity. We need more of it.

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If you're throwing out tactics that can move us closer to tangible goals, like housing as a human right, Medicare for all, fair food distribution systems, prison Abolition, police/ICE/Law Enforcement Abolition, well funded and functioning mutual aid networks, free education for anybody that wants it, harm reduction as policy, etc... then you don't really want these things. I'm not saying everyone needs to do every tactic, but everybody needs to keep an open mind tactically.

Whats better than a Biden DHS or a Trump DHS? 🤔

👉 No DHS.👈

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Can't get this to upload. Too big maybe? Anyway, put it on giphy.


Caption: Bernie shoots lasers from his eyes and Pelosi is engulfed in flames and the inauguration burns. Bernie laughs.

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