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Turkey is blaming natural disasters seen elsewhere in the region and caused by climate change-induced extreme weather on the PKK, because if any problem happens in their country, it must be Kurdsā€™ fault. twitter.com/yunuspaksoy/status

Police are arming up and militarizing against Water Protectors fighting and oil companies are footting the bill, while at the same time, launching AstroTurf campaigns to win the support of local communities against 'eco-terrorists.'


**More Trains, Less Planes, Mobility for All**

"We urgently need European governments to invest in a geographically robust and accessible railway system for everyone everywhere, not just those routes with the highest demand."


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The queer-feminist space ā€œlila_buntā€ in ZĆ¼lpich (between Cologne and Bonn) is severely damaged by the floods.



new pride flag for those who proudly don't identify as italian

It's the 7th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners & we've live right now with former antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman!

Dan Baker was a volunteer sniper in the YPG, fighting Daesh/ISIS in Rojava. The
railroaded him on bull shit charges this spring and he's now in prison awaiting sentencing next month.
More info on Dan, including links to his support group: supportantifaprisoners.wordpre

If you live in SE Pennsylvania near the Lehigh Valley and you want to order some tamales, here is our menu for this week. Order by Wednesday to get Tamales delivered over the weekend. As always 10% of profits from your order goes towards mutual aid to help our houseless neighbors, the rest goes directly to those of us making them as we believe profits are stolen wages. We can also make other things upon request and we love catering small gatherings. Love & Solidarity šŸ’ššŸŒ±

Gage Halupowski is serving a six-year prison sentence after defending his community from a fascist rally in 2019. More info about Gage, his case, and how to write to him: supportantifaprisoners.wordpre

An exciting new initiative called the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center (CSRC) has just launched to help anarchists share tips and best practices for dealing with emergent technologies and state surveillance measures.


A bug this big could be *devastating* to Signal & isn't being given the urgency it needs. I feel like this is from deviating from its core purpose - safe & secure, E2EE chat - and opting to add a bunch of unnecessary "social" features.

See also the comment where how a person's mic was still audible after they'd hung up the call.

BUG: Signal sends additional images to people, sometimes even when the "sender" didn't attach anything at all


"At least one of the vehicles that has been harassing the Fairy Creek front gate has been confirmed to be the same vehicle that participated in an attack on a solidarity picket for the Wetā€™suwetā€™en..." Report from front lines of @SaveFairyCreek. itsgoingdown.org/facing-down-w

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Rodrigo Lanza is a Chilean antifascist serving time in Spain after defending himself against an attack in a bar by fascists there. You can write to him in English or Spanish:
Rodrigo Lanza
PO Box 33044
Ronda Universitat 23
Barcelona, Spain

AhĆ­ tienen a lxs heroes de la tarde, akellxs ke apagan las llamas de las revueltas de la desobediencia y del bello kaos.

Sƭ puƩ, son parte del orden establecido.

Lxs bomberxs nunka serĆ”n parte de mi revoluciĆ³n, por esta y muchas otras razones entre ellas su jerarkĆ­a, parte del Estado y en kasos komo en PerĆŗ por aleremente recibir financiamiento de la orda tauricida histĆ³rikamente. Su papel de mirar hacia otro lado en kada reskate a otrx animal es kontinuo, solo aparecen kuando hay kamaras

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