Hackers have penetrated the computer systems of the UK’s foreign ministry and taken hundreds of files detailing the country’s controversial propaganda programs in war-torn Syria. tasnimnews.com/en/news/2020/09

Heavily armed, drunken far-Right groups flying in from out of state find law enforcement ready to facilitate their attacking of journalists. People out on the streets protesting the violence of police in everyday life - watch out. t.co/Wvf2h6Z7xw

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One striking theme from tonight: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown declared a state of emergency due to the Proud Boys event earlier today, but the police appear to have used that influx of officers to crack down on protesters as they were listening to speeches tonight.

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liberals @ nazis: i may not agree with what you say but i'll defend to the death your right to say it

liberals @ marginalised people: you're too loud and you're interfering with my ability to ignore problems so i want you to shut up immediately

Today's fascist rally in Portland drew a small turnout. The real threat is that it gave the police an excuse to intensify their violence against the general public, further normalizing totalitarianism. The threat of fascism is not about a future government, but the present one.


Congratulations on a hard fought victory! You earned it 10 fold!

More than 150 countries are working together to equitably distribute a COVID-19 vaccine — but the U.S. is not one of them go.nowth.is/32Su3Bg

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Gonna be completely honest here, I don't care much about the intricacies, I just want landlord heads on pikes

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Stop saying antifa.

Start saying anti-fascist.

Make them say out loud what they’re really afraid of.

proud boys Portland. 

Proud boys in Portland tonight. Be careful everybody.

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The Proud Boys are a domestic terrorist group that holds monthly white nationalist rallies in Portland in hopes of assaulting, and potentially killing anti-fascist protestors.

Here are a few posts from their former lawyer, Jason Van Dyke, to show the group's history of hate.

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if you thought "taser shield" was dystopian wait until you hear about "taser shield from a company that thinks the president is fighting the a luciferian pedophile conspiracy"

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"The ‘East Coast Patriot Nomads’ chats were organized by far-right activist Alan Swinney, who recently attracted attention for aiming a revolver at protesters in Portland, and for injuring a woman while shooting paintballs at protesters. The messages reveal the strategy of the far-right groups and persons involved– to hold events as a pretense for attacking protesters, then claiming self-defense."


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