While his influence to the and movement is undeniable, I would still not really call William Godwin an anarchist -- it is plain anachronistic. It is still Proudhon the first intellectual known for explicitly calling what he advocated, and the itself developed as a branch of the larger workers' movement only in the context of the First International. Godwin is a predecessor, not yet an anarchist.

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"We have been saying for a year now that the state will not save us. The last two conferences of the state prime ministers and the chancellor’s office have clearly demonstrated this once again."-> enoughisenough14.org/2021/03/2

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"Because of this need to defend privilege and power, "anarcho"-capitalism is best called "private-state" capitalism."
--An Anarchist FAQ, F.4 "What is the right-"libertarian" position on private property?"

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"Poverty exists not because we can't feed the poor, but because we can't satisfy the rich."

Even though I share and agree with the main point of it, I think the introductory part of section F.3. of An Anarchist FAQ, "Why do "anarcho"-capitalists place little or no value to eqality?" is hardly convincing, and even self-contradicting at some points... :-/

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When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

I am curious. How many of you reading this toot identify as e-girls and e-boys? Either way, what does it mean to you?

I am a total mess at placing tempered glass protection properly on my phone...

Anyone knows what ever happened to An Anarchist FAQ?

Am I the only one to cringe while reading English Wikipedia's entry on anarchism? Oh boy... 😅

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Ok, I have finally also installed a mobile client, Tusky - so far so good. :-)

OK, hello world! I'm new here. 🙂
But this is not my first encounter with the Fediverse, as I used to be a GNU Social user since the quitter.se days. This is my first Mastodon account, though. Seems nice so far.


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