@protonmail gave up metadata to cops that lead to an arrest. As a result they changed their false advertising that they do not log IP addresses when indeed they did and do. Very sad about the arrested person (apparently a climate activist) and fuckin annoyed I'm going to have to change my email service. In the meantime if you use Protonmail and want to be truly anonymous use @torproject

Dunno yet - @riseup is my first choice since I already got a few accounts there - but I need to link my domain name to an email service and they don't offer that just yet. That said, this not gonna happen overnight so maybe by the time I make the switch domain linking will be available

@jonatasbaldin @protonmail @torproject @starless

@ExperimentV If it's in Switzerland it's still bound by the same shit laws that "forced" PT to give up the comrade

@franklinlopez @protonmail @torproject
I think your toot is twisting the events a bit. According to the article PM had to start logging IPs by law. Switzerland is already in a good position when it comes to privacy. Even if you find a service hosted on Mars you might not be safe from these laws.

@dyamon i can see why my way of phrasing is not the best. But according to ProtonMail they are getting a massive amount of court orders requesting IP logging and they admitted that if they loose their appeal there's nothing they can do but comply. So in essence they DID log IP's and they will continue to do so if the requested by the authorities. Ironically there's no laws in the US that forces IP logging. Just ask @riseup

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