Ladies and Gents, Skynet has become self aware.

A rogue killer drone 'hunted down' a human target without being instructed to, UN report says

@franklinlopez or that's an easier fiction to sell than the truth, that someone was in fact responsible.

@franklinlopez I mean, maybe it was the AI programmer, maybe it was in the chain of command of the users. The point is, without a human doing something, no drone does anything.

@jens @franklinlopez Reading that article, there’s a clear point where someone instructed the drone to operate in a „clear fire, forget and find mode“.

I support the argument that drones shouldn’t have that mode, but evading all responsibility if they do makes the problem even worse imho.

(Not contradicting anything you folks wrote)

@jens @franklinlopez Heck, even non-autonomous armed drones shouldn’t exist in my opinion.

@toni @franklinlopez I suppose when war is just drones against drones, they'd be okay. But that's unlikely to ever happen.

Seems much more likely the military is lying about 'rogue' drones imo.

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