Level headed thread on ' problematic employment at the National Contagion Institute (NCI) and the pitfalls of academic careers by @tom_nomad

For those who don't know Alexander Reid Ross is a well known anti-fascist researcher and author who recently took a job at an institute that provides research useful to law enforcement, and his NCI collaborators include ex-CIA, ex-DHS and NCI has conducted research framing anarchists as violent extremists.

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@franklinlopez @tom_nomad
For those who don't know, Alexander Reid Ross is a well-known snitch, fraud and fascist collaborator.

There, fixed it for you.
Why use 20 words when 10 will do?

@flugennock @tom_nomad @franklinlopez I got as far as "leftist comedian Jimmy Dore" and decided everyone involved her can go f*ck themselves.

No opinion.

I'm a real anti-fascist, Alex Reid Ross is a fucking piece of shit and as it turns out, probably a fed.

But that doesn't mean I care for Jimmy Dore, who is a piece of shit.

I'm basically about to delete all my accounts and quit this "online leftism" stuff because I don't like ANYONE involved here.

Sorry to disappoint.

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