Looking to connect with more filmmakers and video geeks throughout the fediverse. I make anarchist films, political docs, music videos, riot porn etc. I've been editing on Premiere and FCP since the 90's, trying out Davinci Resolve cause of potential paid work, but what I really want to do is to build a linux box and go full FLOSS - or as much as possible. Hi!

@franklinlopez been makeing videos since the 1990's with undercurents, indymedia, visionontv and now #OMN editing on Premiere, tryed the rest, use some android apps for quick mobiile edits. building a new media network and rebooting a old one #indymediaback

@franklinlopez i'm not a video editor, but dabble in music stuff (which so much of the software is windows/mac only 😖)

These linux boxes have me like 🤤

the system76 os (pop_os) is also my daily driver linux distro now.

I also discovered ubuntu studio. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a pre-tweaked distro for creative stuff (i know for midi there is a bunch of audio subsystem and kernel tweaking that you normally have to do manually)

@franklinlopez I love editing video with FLOSS! I already tried Cinelerra, OpenShot and Flowblade. But for a while I've been sticking to Kdenlive. @frd is involved on the dev side of#kdenlive, and I believe he is also a video maker. Is that right, Farid?

@m @franklinlopez Yeah, I am part of the team and have been using exclusively FLOSS tools since 2006. Let me know if you need any help to get you started.

Do check out the work of @antimidia

@franklinlopez I used to do small indie music videos to help friends out, gonna follow along to see how you get on with Resolve if that's ok? I wanna get back into video work eventually

@franklinlopez I am not into video as much, but I can assist with the Linux/Foss transition. Also, have you tried kdenlive?

@franklinlopez Can't promise we will always agree, but I am in the same business.

@franklinlopez if you're looking for an open-source video editing suite, I've found KDEnlive to be pretty good. Transitioning to it from Sony Vegas was a bit difficult, I think Vegas was more intuitive, but it has most of what I've needed it for.

Am trying to get back into editing again, the pandemic unfortunately messed with my drive to do it :(

@franklinlopez I’ve got a song about anarchism that I’d love to see get used for anarchist media. Here’s the song:

Glad to share it for free with attribution!

@franklinlopez Me to!

I can do Premiere and looks like i have to learn Da Vinci. But now i use Kdenlive

And theres this project in development

@franklinlopez ex video-indymedia all-in-one, and a retired location soundie still holding on to my gear (SQN-5 🖤).

Did you check out ? Not open source, but a proper NLE and runs smoothly on Linux.

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