Hey folks, just FYI - Kolektiva is growing by leaps and bounds - YAY! But with that comes growing pains. Just bare with us as we adjust to the new volume of peeps in here. In the meantime, can I suggest that if there's posts from someone that you really don't like seeing, you can MUTE them or even BLOCK them. If they violate the code of conduct, by all means REPORT them. Just click on their profile and then the three dots to the right of their profile pic. Thanks!

@franklinlopez Thanks for posting this :) Do you have plans to expand your admin/moderation?

@dumpsterqueer Thanks. This has always been a moderated instance but the got 1,000 new users within a month, so you know. We'll figure it out though, thanks for the support.

@franklinlopez hey i know this isn't exactly on topic, but it's relevant as hell cause i know those growing pains came at a monetary price as well. any chance you have that donation request link that was floating around a while back?

@franklinlopez Best of luck, looking forwards to seeing the mod team adapt to the community's needs from my corner of the fediverse!
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