I love this so much. More please!

"Idris Robinson presents 10 thesis on the strategic potentialities of riot, insurrection, and revolution unleashed through the Rebellion."


Is there any way I can download a copy of this as an mpeg4 file?

This shit's pure fire, and I'd love to nab my own copy.

D'ahh, never mind. Dumb-ass me; there's the download link, in small gray type under the playback window.

Thanks for this. It's made of awesome.

@flugennock If you go to the page, click on the 3 dots on the bottom right and you'll see a pop up menu with the option to download

Thanks. I spotted it about two seconds after I posted that question. It's kinda tucked down there, not immediately visible.

I nabbed a copy pronto. That piece is pure gold.

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