Recently came to light that canadian cops were putting GPS trackers on the cars of comrades supporting indigenous liberation. This little device might come in handy from now on

@franklinlopez feel like i gotta mention for everyone's sake - be fuckin careful if you use these, especially if you drive near airports

somewhat recently, someone was caught with one of these because he drove near an airport on a delivery route (he was using it to thwart an employer-installed tracker in a company vehicle, fwiw) and the FCC got involved

and they don't fuck around when it comes to willful interference

so yeah, be careful lol

@franklinlopez ooh i like the idea of tracing these babies breaking bad style.

@franklinlopez the comments raise the point that this makes you easier to track, in a way-- constant noise on the GPS frequently shouldn't be too hard to triangulate, but probably no one's trying? it could be useful in some circumstances

@amsomniac Yeah that's a good point. Maybe use randomly and as needed?

@franklinlopez always better if you can find the device, ofc, but if you can't, well

I'd love to see a subtler attack on gps that slowly disorients a device, very low signal strength instead of noise across the board 🤔

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