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Looking to connect with more filmmakers and video geeks throughout the fediverse. I make anarchist films, political docs, music videos, riot porn etc. I've been editing on Premiere and FCP since the 90's, trying out Davinci Resolve cause of potential paid work, but what I really want to do is to build a linux box and go full FLOSS - or as much as possible. Hi!

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Welcome New people to Kolektiva and Mastodon 

Hi once again to all the new folks here! Welcome! Here's a few tips that might be helpful when starting on Mastodon:

1. Quick and dirty video on how to use (NSFW)

2. A sweet site that will help you get started with people to follow based on interest

3. Don't like the Mastodon instance you're on? Check out this incredible instance search engine

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Hey folks, just FYI - Kolektiva is growing by leaps and bounds - YAY! But with that comes growing pains. Just bare with us as we adjust to the new volume of peeps in here. In the meantime, can I suggest that if there's posts from someone that you really don't like seeing, you can MUTE them or even BLOCK them. If they violate the code of conduct, by all means REPORT them. Just click on their profile and then the three dots to the right of their profile pic. Thanks!

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I made a quick and dirty guide on how to use

I show you how to set up an account, follow accounts, and migrate accounts.

Obviously, I'm not here to win any fuckin popularity contests, so here I am with an unpopular take. is a garbage documentary about what white folks with money and privilege can do with their time. Thankfully I'm not the only one who feels like this.

Heads up Prince Rupert !

Forwarded from a friend:

Hey folks, a homie just reached out to me about the Israeli tanker that was blocked from offloading in San Francisco then it got blocked in Vancouver. The boat is headed North trying to offload in Prince Rupert. Please pass this on to folks in the area who would be down to throw down for Palestinian Solidarity and keep blocking the ship.

Finally getting around to reading In Defense of Looting (

A lot of it is a rearticulation of arguments that I think a lot of us on the insurrectionist/illegalist side of things have been putting forward for a while. With that said there are some absolute gems in here, and I will probably infrequently post them up when I come across them.

Onto Chapter 6, centered on the fallacies of pacifism and so-called "nonviolence":

"To start with, there was no straightforwardly nonviolent civil rights movement. Nonviolence was a tactic designated at the time to appeal to Northern white liberals for funding and support. Nonviolence proved itself effective in desegregating certain public facilities, particularly with the student lunch counter sit-ins that spread across the South in 1960...

Need a boost of inspiration. Check out the film, La Lucha Sigue (The Struggle Continues) online for free!

In Honduras, the most dangerous place in the world to be a land defender, the Lenca and Garífuna people are not backing down. They are fighting to uphold their rights and Indigenous and Black cultures in the face of state backed megaprojects and narco-traffickers who seek to assassinate them, destroy their lands, and erase their existence.

The US continues to treat Boricuas as second class citizens. Biden defends DoJ policy of exclusion of Puerto Ricans - who are citizens of the US just like Texans or New Yorkers - from disability benefits that the rest of Americans are elegible.

FYI... the moderation team has decided to temporarily close registrations for A user was repeatedly setting up accounts and issuing death threats. We plan on re-opening registrations in the not-too-distant future.

Spoiler: Andrea Smith is not and never was Cherokee or Ojibwe or "Native American"

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Deep dive into the controversy surrounding Andrea Smith's identity. ‘The Native Scholar Who Wasn't’ is really worth a listen.

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