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Looking to connect with more filmmakers and video geeks throughout the fediverse. I make anarchist films, political docs, music videos, riot porn etc. I've been editing on Premiere and FCP since the 90's, trying out Davinci Resolve cause of potential paid work, but what I really want to do is to build a linux box and go full FLOSS - or as much as possible. Hi!

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Welcome New people to Kolektiva and Mastodon 

Hi once again to all the new folks here! Welcome! Here's a few tips that might be helpful when starting on Mastodon:

1. Quick and dirty video on how to use (NSFW)

2. A sweet site that will help you get started with people to follow based on interest

3. Don't like the Mastodon instance you're on? Check out this incredible instance search engine

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Hey folks, just FYI - Kolektiva is growing by leaps and bounds - YAY! But with that comes growing pains. Just bare with us as we adjust to the new volume of peeps in here. In the meantime, can I suggest that if there's posts from someone that you really don't like seeing, you can MUTE them or even BLOCK them. If they violate the code of conduct, by all means REPORT them. Just click on their profile and then the three dots to the right of their profile pic. Thanks!

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I made a quick and dirty guide on how to use

I show you how to set up an account, follow accounts, and migrate accounts.

Urgent support is needed in land!
If you care about Indigenous Sovereignty
If you care about he future of the planet
Come to the Yintah or support where you are

Shocking. Illegal garbage dump in Kanehsata:ke is a prime example of environmental racism. Must read. Take action

Even if this pipeline is completed, this is my home. Many seem to forget this fact, swearing there is no future if this pipeline is finished. Once again, the Native people are erased but now by fellow Indians who swear on our futures

Indigenous peoples in North America have helped block tar sands mines, oil pipelines, and LNG export terminals. Their successes against the fossil fuel industry have kept enormous volumes of carbon pollution out of the atmosphere

@protonmail gave up metadata to cops that lead to an arrest. As a result they changed their false advertising that they do not log IP addresses when indeed they did and do. Very sad about the arrested person (apparently a climate activist) and fuckin annoyed I'm going to have to change my email service. In the meantime if you use Protonmail and want to be truly anonymous use @torproject

So glad they changed the COVID test. Was pleasantly surprised to not have that chimney sweep up my nose. The worst part was my reaction to that nasal Invasion... to laugh uncontrollably. So fucking embarrassing 😳

Racist, sexist, transphobic, alt-right fanboy and anti covid vaxer podcast host Joe Rogan got the rona

Have you heard the new daily It could happen here podcast by Robert Evans? It's hitting all the relevant points regarding the current tsunami of crises affecting the planet with ideas on how to deal with the current & upcoming challenges. Really fuckin good!

Wow! It's been 10 years to the day since my first trip to ! Thank you @UnistotenCamp and @Gidimten Checkpoint for letting me bear witness. Here's a video report I filed for Sub.Media back then.

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