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Looking to connect with more filmmakers and video geeks throughout the fediverse. I make anarchist films, political docs, music videos, riot porn etc. I've been editing on Premiere and FCP since the 90's, trying out Davinci Resolve cause of potential paid work, but what I really want to do is to build a linux box and go full FLOSS - or as much as possible. Hi!

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Welcome New people to Kolektiva and Mastodon 

Hi once again to all the new folks here! Welcome! Here's a few tips that might be helpful when starting on Mastodon:

1. Quick and dirty video on how to use (NSFW)

2. A sweet site that will help you get started with people to follow based on interest

3. Don't like the Mastodon instance you're on? Check out this incredible instance search engine

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Hey folks, just FYI - Kolektiva is growing by leaps and bounds - YAY! But with that comes growing pains. Just bare with us as we adjust to the new volume of peeps in here. In the meantime, can I suggest that if there's posts from someone that you really don't like seeing, you can MUTE them or even BLOCK them. If they violate the code of conduct, by all means REPORT them. Just click on their profile and then the three dots to the right of their profile pic. Thanks!

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I made a quick and dirty guide on how to use

I show you how to set up an account, follow accounts, and migrate accounts.

We should all be paying attention to what the state is currently setting up in relation to going after the far right.

The tactics they are using all derive from the tactics sets that are employed to target insurgent groups, like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

These tactics rely on 4 main pillars, all of which are present in this context.

If you want to learn more about the Oklahoma city bombing and the subsequent anti-terror bill read this article by Gore Vidal published just days before 911

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Don't know whose land you're on?
Head on over to for a comprehensive interactive world map of Indigenous territories

When white supremacists bombed a federal building in Oklahoma in the 90s, Bill Clinton (a democrat) and the Congress sailed through the most sweeping assault on civil liberties made into law at the time. This was the anti-terror bill which transformed into the Patriot Act in 2001 after the 911 attacks. Once again white supremacists are the impetus for an anti terror law that's made to come after us .

While I'm at it, there's some memes going around saying that Trump didn't start any wars. Perhaps he never issued "official" declarations of war, but the arms deals that supply weapons to war makers and dictators never stopped under the Orange one. Below are a few. And no I'm not saying the Dems are better.

2017 - Bombs for the Saudis

2020 - jets for UAE

2020 Drones for Morocco


If you have some extra $$$ don't fuck around and support @riseup the OG's of autonomous tech collectives, making email and other services available to comrades for over 20 fuckin years

Fascinating and terrifying podcast on Clearview AI - a facial recognition company that scrapes the internet for photos and was started by a proto-fascist

Anyone try Session? They claim to be open source, decentralized, no phone number needed, and that all traffic is routed through TOR but alas not on F-Droid - well at least I could not find it.

Macklemore totally on-point, raps about Trump getting the fuck out but not giving Biden (or liberals) any slack. Made my day

PS- This ain't no freestyle but whatever

Trump's gone but our work as anarchists and antifascists is far from over. Don't let your guard down comrades, don't slack on your security culture and don't stop building networks of solidarity. That's what got us through these last four years and how we kept the fash at bay. Now repeat after me and get comfortable yelling... Fuck Biden!

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who's police have worked directly with far-Right organizers and groups that were involved in storming the capitol on J6, continues to call for more police powers to go after and surveil left-wing protests.



Tfw the spirit of American hegemony exits the body of the previous president, leaving just a husk as it searches for it's new host.

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