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"When comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." -Sinclair Lewis

...And wears Fred Perry shirts.

Called on to denounce white supremacists, Trump addressed the Proud Boys: "Stand back—and stand by."

Joe Biden and Chris Wallace are still trying to debate policy as Trump shouts over both of them. It's hard not to feel that this foreshadows open street warfare.


police repression/response 

Forty anarcha-feminist Black Bloc and female relatives of rights violation victims held a demo for right to abortion in Mexico City on September 27, from the occupied Human Rights Commission (CNDH) building.
Were halted after just 2 blocks by 620 police, so the protesters took some cop uniforms.
After 4 hours of kettling and external negotiation, they were let go back to CNDH.

-El Universal&DT

I would argue that the only way that we come out of this situation with a better series of social and political dynamics than we went into it, and the only way we do not end up having to deal with extreme repression, either by Biden or Trump, is if we specifically reject this dynamic of civil war, and attempt to keep this conflict firmly within the context of an uprising against the State.

Thought provoking article on how life for some people can go on as business as usual during a civil war by someone who lived through one. The author makes the case that America is already there.

On #ThisIsAmerica, @PerilousPrisons presents a special report about how prisoners in the PNW are caught between deadly fires and #COVID19 and how autonomous anti-capitalist groups are organizing state wide #mutualaid efforts in the face of disaster.


**Headlines for September 28, 2020**

"Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS; GOP-Led Senate Could Confirm Before Nov. 3, NYT: Trump Paid $750 in Fed. Income Taxes in 2016, No Income Taxes in 10 of Last 15 Years , Protests Continue over Impunity in Breonna Taylor's Case as Her Family Speaks Out, U.S. COVID-19 Cases Top 7 Million, on the Rise in Two Dozen States, Global Coronavirus Deaths Approach 1 Mil…"

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After attacking journalists and failing to rally anywhere near the numbers they promised, Proud Boys and other neo-fascist groups are leaving their rally many came from out of state to attend. #Portland

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A lot of waiting around now as people aren’t sure what to do or where to go now that the rally is over


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Y'all are incredible! With over 140 pledges, folks committed to donating about $30,000 to fund @OJRCenter's vital legal support for our community!

We've sent out DMs / comments to everyone to follow up & get those donations in. We appreciate you! ❤✊

#PledgeForPDX #BloomPDX


A game designer tests 4 war game scenarios for civil war in the US this fall. The tone of the author is kinda annoying but worth a read.

@tom_nomad would love to hear your thoughts if you have the time

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People from throughout Mexico & the world are showing their solidarity & remembering the 43 Normalista students from #Ayotzinapa. Today’s the 6th anniversary of when organized crime combined with local & federal police officers to forcibly disappeared future rural teachers. 🖤 ❤️


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