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Looking to connect with more filmmakers and video geeks throughout the fediverse. I make anarchist films, political docs, music videos, riot porn etc. I've been editing on Premiere and FCP since the 90's, trying out Davinci Resolve cause of potential paid work, but what I really want to do is to build a linux box and go full FLOSS - or as much as possible. Hi!

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Welcome New people to Kolektiva and Mastodon 

Hi once again to all the new folks here! Welcome! Here's a few tips that might be helpful when starting on Mastodon:

1. Quick and dirty video on how to use (NSFW)

2. A sweet site that will help you get started with people to follow based on interest

3. Don't like the Mastodon instance you're on? Check out this incredible instance search engine

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Hey folks, just FYI - Kolektiva is growing by leaps and bounds - YAY! But with that comes growing pains. Just bare with us as we adjust to the new volume of peeps in here. In the meantime, can I suggest that if there's posts from someone that you really don't like seeing, you can MUTE them or even BLOCK them. If they violate the code of conduct, by all means REPORT them. Just click on their profile and then the three dots to the right of their profile pic. Thanks!

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I made a quick and dirty guide on how to use

I show you how to set up an account, follow accounts, and migrate accounts.

The power and sheer relentless persistence of land defenders never seizes to amaze me!

Despite two violent raids by the RCMP,
@Gidimten evict AGAIN!


To read later

Calls to Action Accountability:
A 2021 Status Update on Reconciliation. A special report by the good people at Yellowhead Institute

Tech startup Brinc promises to secure the US / Mexico border, pipelines and prisons with its wall of drones, solar powered unmanned aircrafts that can interrogate "suspicious people" and even taze them.

CW the video is violent and extremely racist

Thx y'all - someone on Birdsite shared me this
Is not out yet but we'll see

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BREAKING: Train tracks in St-Lambert in are once again blocked in solidarity with nation.

Follow @anticolonialmtl for more info and updates.

And for the 528th year in a row my homeland of Boriké is still the oldest colony on the planet.

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The video of the violent RCMP raid against @Gidimten now has subtitles in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Please share!

Hey beatmakers pals, we've been cranking out Instagram and Tik Tok vids in support of and would be rad to have original beats to go with them. What you go?

was given 8 hours notice to evacuate the territory... All of the vehicles were allowed to leave the territory. "

Sleydo' of @gidimten sets the record straight on the blockage on today's @democracynow

Wow! Amazing photo essay from @photobracken about the @Gidimten blockade. But of all the badasses pictured I'd be most scared of the !

3. Raise money to support the Wet’suwet’en reoccupation of their lands. Cash is needed for
food, fuel and construction materials. An idea is to host a screening of INVASION and pass the hat. You can find more info about INVASION at
For different ways to donate go here

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