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"New Ukrainian Flag"

Don't let anybody tell you whose war this is. It's not for the Ukrainian people, or Democracy, or freedom, or any of that horseshit. It's Joe Biden's war, it's NATO's war, it's the EU's war, Boris Johnson's war, Emmanuel Macron's war, Olaf Scholz's war, the IMF's war, Wall Street's war, Boeing and Raytheon's war.

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"A Frightening Situation"

...If this were a foto of a similar scene in Gaza, of Palestinian women getting ready to resist the terrorism of the IDF and Israeli colonists, do you honestly think Reuters — and MSNBC, CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, all the usual suspects — would run some noble, heart-wrenching piece on ordinary women rushing to the defense of their country against invaders?

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"Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead!"

She said that the deaths of half a million Iraqis — at least half of them children — from US economic warfare was "worth it".

She said in 2016 that there was "a special place in Hell" for voters who wouldn't support Hillary Clinton.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha haahhh, yeah. Special place in Hell? Suits me fine. I'll see ya' down there, BEYOTCH.

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#OtD 27 Apr 1998, a general strike in the private sector broke out in Denmark, involving a fifth of the country's workforce. Lasting for 10 days, union leaders panicked and agreed a compromise. This is a history of the dispute: Http://

We are planning on staying on Twitter. But for anybody leaving, or who wants to connect with us on an open-source platform, please do give us a follow on Mastodon!

IGD now has close to 7K followers here - what could we do to increase engagement? AMAs? Live discussions? More content? Leave a reply!

Seen some people who follow us retweeting this, and it's worth pointing out that this is a complete lie. There were no FBI-funded anarchist zines. More info here:

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Unicorn Riot: **Reportbacks From the 646+, Detained During Minnesota’s Largest Mass Arrest**

"Minneapolis, MN – Nearly a year and a half has passed since the largest mass arrest in Minnesota history and many are still facing petty charges. On November 4, 2020, a massive police operation arrested at least 646 people on Inte…"

#anarchism #bot

Houseless folks set up a resistance camp in , and for nearly three months faced down riot pigs and fascists. The State responded by suing them. Here's their report on the end of the struggle - lessons learn - and some notes on winning concessions.

Direct action against pipelines, blockades fighting logging of old-growth, tenants taking action against eviction - find out what is going down in so-called Canada in our column, 'Canadian Tire Fire.'

Republicans are passing a slew of bills against LGBTQ people and abortion access, creating an environment of fear and violence as the far-Right repackages homo and transphobia as opposition to 'groomers.' We talked to @kitoconnell in about how people are fighting back.

Clusters of neo-Nazi crews in so-called Canada and the US are attempting to re-organize themselves under the banner of 'White Lives Matter' - find out how people are pushing back on .


Did you know that in the 1960s, the FBI funded and organized its own series of underground anarchist zines to polemicize against existing Marxist-Leninist states and to disrupt New Left public and educational activisms in the United States?

A very brief thread.


"We'll make you a movie
that's long and immense —

— waaaayyyy heeeyyyy,
slow the plot down —

— just give us a script
that makes no friggin' sense —

We'll try so hard to
slow the plot down!"

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Jinx Sploinky Scoot, Catte, declared Mayor of Hell, Michigan, FOTO 

VIA MayadeenEnglish @ t w

The big-eyed and wonky feet cat, whose full name is Jinx Sploinky Scoot, took the office after paying a town, called Hell, in Michigan just $100 for the title.


"The West has turned it into a propaganda war. All the while it sponsors the Ukrainian army and its neo-Nazi battalions.

For years the media ignored the Ukrainian army assaults on the people of Eastern Ukraine, who were forced to survive in underground bunkers.

They act as if the war started in February, when it actually started in 2014 as a war by the Ukrainian government against its own people."

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