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The new Mini is up and rolling and — hot damn diggety, no more cables on the drawing table.

at Spaceflight Blunders And Greatness: "Eagle And The Low Fuel Warning" #Apollo11 #1201Alarm

"Lunar Module 'Eagle' likely had a bit more fuel than 30 seconds left. They probably had between 20 to 40 seconds—and this takes into account the extra time needed by commander Neil Armstrong to steer his LM away from a dangerous crater where the autopilot had targeted to land the spacecraft..."


Earth First: **Proposed Alaska Gold Mine Worries Area Tribes**

"by Joaqlin Estus / Indian Country Today Two Alaska Native corporations are working to develop what would be one of the world’s largest gold mines while some of their shareholders oppose it and more than a dozen area tribes have joined in […]"

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Anarchist News: **Totw: Imagine abolition**

"Imagine tomorrow all prisons decide to let everyone out, and after they're empty, they're imploded. What would happen next? Tags: totwtopic of the weekabolitionprison abolition"

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These dispshits are bringing their goddamn unclean, potentially-infected asses here to DC today:

"Anti-vaxxer disinformation activists are intensifying their attacks on medical efforts to combat the pandemic, utilizing pseudoscience to manipulate public opinion. One example is the perversion of the VAERS database, which is used to drum up opposition to vaccination against Covid-19."

New York Times Equates China’s Health Care Workers to Adolph Eichmann - via CounterPunch

"In a lead article, on page one of the New York Times on January 13, Li Yuan an NYT reporter, has equated the public health and medical personnel behind China’s successful battle against Covid-19 in the city of Xi’an to Adolph Eichmann, a principal architect of the Holocaust..."

"The anti-Covid campaign in Xi’an, a city of 13 million has now terminated the spread of Covid-19 without a single death and limited its spread to about 2000 cases. The Nazi Holocaust designed and managed by Eichmann resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews."

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"The piece takes aim at the millions of Chinese who have worked tirelessly to do the rapid mass testing, tracing, quarantining and vaccinations and to staffing the lockdowns including ensuring those under lockdown were supplied with necessities of life."

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"There is a bright spot, however. Many if not most of the comments posted on line, at least at the time of my reading, found Li’s polemic to be baseless, even downright absurd. Americans are not so easily deceived as the NYT editors may think."

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"One of the barely-discussed historical truths about fascism is that it is rarely, if ever, the result of the actual application of violent force. Rather, fascism is installed quite deliberately by the presupposed guardians of the liberal democratic order."
— Nina Illingworth @Boudica

"Do you want to know what Weimar America looks like? It looks like powerful corporations signing pledges to protect voting rights, while funding the campaign of pasty Republican fascists who are actively destroying voting rights and protecting coup plotters, for starters."

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"There is still time to stop the ultimate rise of the Pork Reich, but clearly if it is to be done, it’s going to be everyday people that roll back the tide – our Pig Empire systems of governance are structurally, politically, and indeed morally, incapable of stopping the fascists for us."

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Two Fans Are Suing Universal For $5 Million After Realizing That Their Favorite Trash-Mouthed Chud Actress Was Cut From The Movie “Yesterday” - via D-Listed

CW: Pushes "Omicron is mild" line, bitches about research on animals

The Unspoken Victims of COVID-19 - via CounterPunch

#OtD 23 Jan 1919 Sierra Leonean sailors fought a racist mob during a dock riot in Glasgow. A union leader and later Labour politician had rallied white workers demanding action against workers of colour. Police intervened and arrested the Black workers.

The term “black” anarchist has been thrown around recently in a number of international milieux and journals. Indeed during the last few years of my travels throughout North and South America and Europe I have noted repeated attempts to define, through action and theory, the ideas associated with black anarchy. Following is a brief, incomplete outline of some of the more common aspects of what black anarchists think and do. These tendencies are numbered for convenience, and not to show priority or importance.

Red Excursus: I will not discuss “red” anarchy as it seems well defined by the collectivist, syndicalist, communist variants of anarchist ideas that were developed more than a hundred years ago and still enjoy a great deal of popularity and adherents. I emphasize that I don’t see the two various strains as being mutually exclusive, opposed, or even necessarily very different at the macro level. The old sectarianism and exclusion, a gnawing symptom of Marxism and the Social Democracy, plays no role in this essay. I am attempting to describe and provide some topography to a growing, relatively new agreement among a particular group of my comrades, in doing so I support and encourage those who follow different anarchist ideas and paths. No one is wrong, no one is right. The best we can hope for is clarity, not hegemony.

1) Violence

In this context violence is defined as a tactic, whether applied to insurrection, riot, attentat, or simple refusal. There is an almost overwhelming consensus among the black anarchists that the use of violence is necessary, indeed desirable, perhaps essential. The international growth of the various FA(I)-IRF cells, the example of the Greek CCF and Revolutionary Struggle, the concomitant growth of the non-anarchist but equally engaging actions of the eco-extremists in Mexico, Chile and Brazil, and the myriad anonymous burnings, ATM destruction, and attacks that populate the current global anarchist media echo this resonance. Whether it is the Molotov arching gracefully through the night air, the flaming barricade, or the flagpole—turned truncheon—crashing into fascist bone, the black anarchist greets all with approval.

2) Individualist

There is a strong individualist strain in black anarchism, mostly as a function of activity and less due to long nights breathlessly reading Stirner. In essence when engaged in actions it’s easier to work in small groups, and sometimes alone rather than attempt to build large or even medium sized organizations. These small groups which I’ll call teams, a word taken from our Athenian comrades, bring into clear relief the importance of individual initiative, they decentralize decision and action, they emphasize clearly that while there is no I in team, there is an “m” and an “e.”

3) Nihilist

In this instance, nihilism I’ll interpret as the realpolitik of anarchism in 2017—all the various ideas, concepts and conceits of an anarchist victory via revolution or insurrection in the current context are nothing more than political heroin. Once this simple, obvious fact is accepted there are two courses, resignation and lassitude or savage attack without any real hope of success. The black anarchist chooses the latter, always.

4) Illegalist

A part of the black anarchist consensus is the desire to completely reject any compromise or cooperation with nation-state, Capital, and markets. Leading many in the milieu to undertake consciously political illegal activity. This varies from place to place but includes the positive activities of squatting, occupations, shoplifting, out-right store robbery, burglary and more. In terms of negative activities this new variant of illegalism includes refusal of all taxes, tolls, welfare, NGO handouts, and state-run free clinics.

5) Informal Organization

There is a real and healthy fear among the black anarchists of formal organization. The anti-organizational tendency is not new in the historical anarchist milieu, nor in the various anarchisms that saw first light since the 1970s in the USA, Canada, and parts of Western Europe. The open espousal of informal, temporary structures and limited adherence to organizational tenets is, however, very new. This loosening of the organizational form, the inclusionary laissez-faire stance adopted by black anarchists and their organizations may be one of the tendencies most lasting contributions. In most historical cases anarchists have constructed organizations that virtually ooze the ideas and characteristics of the dominant society. In a few short years the black anarchists have done a great deal of theoretical violence to such organizational nonsense, in the future I hope they do more.

This outline of black anarchism is brief, incomplete, and a piece of journalism, not conjecture. This is what I saw, what I experienced in the past several years visiting and working with anarchists on three continents. It is both memoriam and prospectus.

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