/r/rojava was banned from reddit. More than 34,458 subscribers. No recent reports of any problems. No information about why it was banned. Thousands of posts about Rojava since 2014. A unique hub of information.

/r/CombatFootage/ is going strong, so it ain't about violence.

@flintsparc would you be fine with me citing this post on ? I collect some blocks on corporate social media there.

@flintsparc this is why we need decentralised social media like lemmy or mastodon. this whole "single entity controls everything" is going on my nerves.

@flintsparc moderation without addressing what specific rule was violated should be a fineable offensive regulated by law. Transparency is essential here to prevent abuse

bin so froh, daß wir uns wieder digital selbst organiseren, sich für solche infrastrukturen auf unternehmen zu verlassen geht einfach nicht mehr …

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