Normally, such high quality analysis would be presented as a 3,000 word article with a droll title like "The Nordic Bear" with a paywall subscription of a geopolitical strategy think tank like Stratfor, RAND, or the Atlantic Council. I am giving it to you, the people, for free.

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If any of the state actors involved in would like an of my intellectual property of a Kalmar Union inspired flag, you may transfer an undisclosed number of MANPADs and ATGMs to a non-state militia of my choice.

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wants to stop humanitarian aid to the civilians he is bombing. wants Sweden and sell him & his jihadist/mercenary proxies arms; F-16s from the US Congress; Cypriot natural gas; money; extradition & political repression of alleged enemies and asylees

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/r/rojava was banned from reddit. More than 34,458 subscribers. No recent reports of any problems. No information about why it was banned. Thousands of posts about Rojava since 2014. A unique hub of information.

/r/CombatFootage/ is going strong, so it ain't about violence.

There's still time to register for our event tomorrow on Turkey's illegal cross-border aggression in Iraqi Kurdistan and Sinjar, featuring multiple voices from the ground and moderated by yours truly. Don't miss it!

Firing the Censorship Testing Meme Canons:

yek, du, sê, çar, pênc, şeş, heft, heşt, neh, deh, yanzdeh, dwanzdeh, sêzdeh, çardeh, panzdeh, şanzdeh...

Used to say I was a "tertiary character in a badly written cyberpunk novel with a vulgar display of politics." But now that is almost everyone.

I'm into platformism/especifismo anarchist communism &syndicalism. Also of interest: social ecology, bright green urbanism, participatory economics & Kaianere'kó:wa.

For a while now, I've been very involved with Democratic Confederalism and Rojava. Serhildan jiyane! Berxwedan jiyane!

Sometimes, I work on video games.

Work in IT as a sysadmin.

Hello? Is this thing on?

We should not be restricted to WWII narratives: Katarin's outsider status as a Frost Maiden is similar to Zelensky's role in Ukraine, while as defender of the Orthodoxy, Kostaltyn, shows similarities with (1/58)

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