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Two tears in a bucket, fuck it.

Our Instagram account has been Zucked under the guise of "promoting dangerous individuals and organizations." Our last post was promoting a mutual aid event in Portland.

Please encourage your friends to add and follow us here - let's build up this space.

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Just printed a stack of @fedizine to distro to the comrades. It’s gorgeous! (And I really appreciate the solid design and page numbering, too)

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I'm at @naceugene 's Share Fair today! Come over and ask me anything about privacy, security, and anonymity. I also have a few copies of @fedizine for free here.

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Mail-orders are back! All zine packs come with 2 random bootleg cassettes. USA shipping only, & some changes have been made. You can still order some of the same items with a zine pack but all orders have random zines. ftpdistro.github.io

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Anarchist News: **Fedizine**

"From F-91W Distro An anarchist introduction to federated social media Download fedizine for print or reading, or read the full zine online below. PDF for reading PDF for printing - black and white PDF for printing - colour cover TLDR For better or worse, anarchists are using social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This sucks. Enter the Fediverse, an alternative, open-source social media network that aligns with anarchist values. Rather than being a thinly-veiled attention and data gathering capitalist vortex, the Fediverse is an actual social …"


#anarchism #bot

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text published on IGD 

Hello! It's Going Down published a text I wrote:
"The Anarchist Media to Come: A Brief Yet Triumphant Review of the Past, Present, and Future of Anarchist Media"

read here:
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@mu PLEASE! Our dream is to see it printed and distro'd elsewhere. It's perfect for a bookfair (we made it for our own bookfair). There are printable PDFs on the webpage version!

Don't like reading? Just watching this talk by @rolltime from and it covers a lot of the same ground as fedizine!


@Nachbarschaft we placed Mastodon in context of the entire Fediverse, and we wanted to keep things short and digestible. It is an introduction! We do have to contend with short attention spans, after all. We link to resources that list countless other fediverse software. There are plenty of longer more detailed guides that exist (and, frankly, are not likely to capture someone totally new).

What other fediverse software do you think is ready for non-tech-savvy anarchists?


Would love to see your pitch to anarchists to adopt whatever Fediverse software you think is better! The more the better.

I think the success of instances like kolektiva and others (that use Mastodon) have shown that it's a fairly successful gateway to get anarchists to learn about and use the fediverse. If you have counter examples please share them!

We're not particular fans of Mastodon. But we're also not software devs. So we are using the tools we have.

@Nachbarschaft Mastodon was been the easiest for us personally to start, and it has worked the best for us to expose new people to the Fediverse. It has also been the most successful as a gateway to the Fediverse for anarchists and new users in general. It was not a trivial decision, we thought a lot about it. Other projects simply have not come as far in being easy to adopt. So we have to start somewhere! Happy to see similar other initiatives pushing other software!

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A collective effort to offer federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. Registrations are open. Kolektiva.social is made by anarchists and anti-colonialists, for the social movements and for liberation!