fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading:

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white:

:anarchism: :fediverso:

@fedizine woohoo! Awesome work y’all, can’t wait to spread this around.

Excellent description of the Fediverse 👍

Here's an #a11y tip:

When you add a picture to a toot, don't forget to click the 'Edit' link to add a description for the visually impaired.

The dialog that then pops up has a 'Detect text from picture' link below the edit box, which OCRs the picture and adds the detected text to the edit box, which you can then (further) customize.
Pretty neat 👌

@fedizine wow this is so good!!! only skimmed it so far but it seems very thorough!

@fedizine Amazing! Thank you :BlobhajHeart:
I would like to translate it to spanish. Would it be possible?

nice paper... but if you talking about anarchism mastodon is not the right app in the fediverse ...

Why do you not use a different one - no the one which most people use?

@Nachbarschaft Mastodon was been the easiest for us personally to start, and it has worked the best for us to expose new people to the Fediverse. It has also been the most successful as a gateway to the Fediverse for anarchists and new users in general. It was not a trivial decision, we thought a lot about it. Other projects simply have not come as far in being easy to adopt. So we have to start somewhere! Happy to see similar other initiatives pushing other software!

"worked the best"
"most successful"
"being easy"

that just does not sound so anarchistic

you also seam to be caught in the new media ideology and its excrescence ;-)


Would love to see your pitch to anarchists to adopt whatever Fediverse software you think is better! The more the better.

I think the success of instances like kolektiva and others (that use Mastodon) have shown that it's a fairly successful gateway to get anarchists to learn about and use the fediverse. If you have counter examples please share them!

We're not particular fans of Mastodon. But we're also not software devs. So we are using the tools we have.


you don´t have to be a dev to understand of what mastodon lacks - you just have to look closer on other apps that exist.

Mastodon is grate to take first steps in to the fediverse but than you have to do the next steps. In your fine paper we should read about it... but i don´t find this lines :-(

@Nachbarschaft we placed Mastodon in context of the entire Fediverse, and we wanted to keep things short and digestible. It is an introduction! We do have to contend with short attention spans, after all. We link to resources that list countless other fediverse software. There are plenty of longer more detailed guides that exist (and, frankly, are not likely to capture someone totally new).

What other fediverse software do you think is ready for non-tech-savvy anarchists?

for non-tech-savvy anarchists mastodon is perfect for the first steps but if you write a paper it would be nice to give a concrete outlook to what is next to go... that is all i want to say.

mastodon makes thinks easy - yes - but if you are interested in values the most easiest way is not always the one to go.

what are the next steps!? would love to read your follow up zine/blog post/etc. :)

@jonny @fedizine

> "what are the next steps!?"

Well think about what is needed to act politically mature and sovereign in the new media world which is driven by surveillance.

Mastodon offers some options but for sure not enough - just imagine for a minute all would use Masto instead of Facebook & Co. The surveillance industry would find ways to do their business also with all this mastodon users.

We need more to get off this track and there are working options today to do so.

This is the best introduction to the fediverse/mastodon I've read! Awesome!

Biased fan of hubzilla.

Best place to start:

#^ - Fediverse.Party - explore federated networks

Let's make social media free, federated and fun! Fediverse.Party is your guide into the world of decentralized, autonomous networks running on free open software on a myriad of servers across the world. No ads and no algorithms. Join Fediverse and become part of the new interconnected Web!

@fedizine I just had an idea of tabling this at the Atlanta radical bookfair

@mu PLEASE! Our dream is to see it printed and distro'd elsewhere. It's perfect for a bookfair (we made it for our own bookfair). There are printable PDFs on the webpage version!

@fedizine Alright, I'll let them know that I want to do that, and I'll try to make it happen! How many did you print for the bookfair?

@fedizine nice, might print some and spread them arround my local groups.

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