in love with Thoreau's descriptions and Vonnegut's stories

I don't know why it took me that long to read Walden

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Posters in collaboration with Taketo from Kanazawa City to raise funds for front-line resistors in Colombia who are protesting the neo-liberal, right wing regime who continue to persecute the poor and the indigenous. They will be available soon outside of Japan as well, keep your eyes peeled... :solidarity:

It's so interesting how common are dystopian scenarios in the popular tv series, movies and books but no one talks about utopia, future new worlds where we don't just suffer or are controlled

I know, this is the old version. I always tried the new domain that has some more info but it never worked... anyways this is amazing.

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I found a way to enter in the Killed From The Heart website!! FINALLY. Thank you Internet. This was the most complete archive of punk I've ever found online

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