Oh powerful genie, please let me enjoy piña coladas without thinking about newspapers or infidelity

Considering a new tattoo. Maybe 1312 in the numerical cipher created by medieval French monks

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I'm such an impostor. Here I am shouting about anarchism, meanwhile submitting completely to the iron fist of Duolingo Owl

There is no such thing as unskilled labor. Every single job requires care, attention, determination through unpleasantness, specific knowledge, and habits set with experience.

"Unskilled labor" a myth that persists to keep necessary work poorly-compensated.

Getting a job near my house fucking RULES*. I have traded waiting for a bus in the rain and snow for a consistent self-care routine.

I know it's a little thing, but watching the sunrise with coffee and a sudoku puzzle is a great ritual for me.

* mandatory ancom disclaimer that no job under capitalism actually rules

Should have beer-battered that rockfish. The regret will follow me forever.

I've never been further east than wyoming. Never left the country. Anywhere with norms different from specifically the westernmost parts of the U.S. is gonna blow my tiny wiggling mind

A Greybeard-style spiritual mentor figure, but with the voice and mannerisms of a gym coach Patrick Warburton.

"GREED. It's bad for the SOUL. Nasty and poisonous"

People already believe such weird shit about Alaska. I wonder how easy it would be to convince the other states that we call south "fool's north"

"Hi, huge fan, quick question: will the masquerade orgy in the upcoming wall-e sequel be biblically accurate? ... yeah, the scene with the dongs and horse-derves. Will it be appearing exactly as it does in the bible, or will you cut some for length?"

A problem with consensus-style decisionmaking is that it doesn't exist in a vacuum. External and internal pressures will always require that *something* be done, usually sooner than later.

If unanimity is the condition for moving forward on any decision, then it will be forced out of base necessity. Objections will go unvoiced, or be rolled under the strongest voices at the moment of crisis.

We're innovators in this house, is the reason I'm giving for eating stolen expired salmon dip on a room-temp chicken tendie

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A Shadow Over Innsmouth is a pretty bold story concept coming from Howard "fish-ass-lookin' motherfucker" Lovecraft

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2018: there are belligerent men starting fistfights at demonstrations. they are called Proud Boys because of an Alan Menken song.

2020: armed, loosely confederated libertarians in hawaiian shirts are shooting people in support of a civil war. they are called Boogaloo Boys because of a maligned 80's breakdancing movie sequel.

2022: a white ethno-separatist terror cell has kidnapped the attorney general. they are named the Elite Space Jam Brunch Boyz for reasons absolutely nobody can decipher.

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