sitelen sitelen li pona mute. nasin ona la, jan li ken pali e sitelen sin. toki Lojban en toki Ithkuil li wile e sitelen sama.

lipu 🐦 la, jan pi ma mi li lon. ona li sona e nimi mi, e sinpin lawa mi.

lipu ni la, jan ala li sona e mi. ni li pona.

Conlangers dunking on esperanto for its many flaws: 😇👍❤🙌

People saying that it's bad because it's "not a real language" and "a waste of time": 🤬😤💢🔪🔪🔪

The time it just took to go from "waking up" to "arguing with strangers about Esperanto again" has got to be a personal record.

a, mi wile eni kon ike 🦠 li tawa weka. tenpo mute la kulupu jan li lon ala.

kulupu Pfizer li pali e telo wawa 💉. ken la ona li moli e kon ike.

Most of the time I'm just a filthsome little wizard talking to my birds. But sometimes I put on a red polo and say funny things like "how can i help you" and "right away sir" and "haha good joke, boss of mine who is my boss"

I fuck on the first date if you win the arm wrestling portion

I don't super care for the "guillotine" framework we've given political violence. Executions are asymmetric: the fight was necessarily already won. Violence in this context is punitive and gratuitous.

We shouldn't be seeking to replicate their system of trial and punishment. When we engage in violence, it must be to stop a threat; to save those who would be harmed by our inaction. It's a tool to win the fight, not a goal for when the fight is over.

Nothing like waking up and immediately getting into another facebook argument about rent abolition. And like clockwork it comes to light that the person defending landlords is either one themselves or has immediate family ties.

Like, I'm sorry your granddad chose exploitation for his income?

Toki pona lesson!

Taoism: nasin nasin
Capitalism: ko jaki
Winter: tenpo lete
Nonbinary: tonsi
Greedy: wile mani mute
Prestidigitation: musi

That people like Donald Trump and Mitch Mcconnell are still alive speaks to the collective spinelessness of everyone in government, and frankly every American.

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let's just take a brief moment to appreciate atmospheric nitrogen

Catching some flak for anti-intellectualism on the other microblog site. It is apparently pretty scandalous to say that people without degrees should have a seat at the table too.

Somewhere, somebody has gotten a custom bust made of Bernard Sanders because, well, a promise is a promise.

I love Werner Herzog monologues. 100% bleak intensity 100% of the time.

Like, I don't *agree* with him, particularly his rage against "overwhelming stupidity" etc etc, but what a schtick. What a character.

"It is a land that God, if he exists, has created in anger"

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