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I’m sorry to drag what started out as a mostly ironic twitter disc horse on here, but I’m unironically a bedtime abolitionist. The current diurnal norm is incredibly ableist to people who have circadian rhythm disorders (like me). I shouldn’t be forced to be awake in the middle of my circadian night, I shouldn’t be forced to suffer chronic sleep deprivation. All people should be able to follow their natural sleep rhythms. I want a world in which alarm clocks are obsolete.

Das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz wird anscheinend erst Mitte 2023 in Kraft treten laut Lehmann… ich wusste ja dass das mit Herbst dieses Jahres nicht stimmt, aber trotzdem 🤬
So wie ich Politiker kenne wird das noch deutlich länger dauern als bis Mitte 2023…

Gibt uns endlich das verdammte Selbstbestimmungsgesetz!!

Beyond Europe: **Shut down the harbour – Break the chains of fossil capitalism**

"„And because a mass movement is not in sight yet, we must at least throw a wrench into the capitalist machine, we must, in order to show the potentials of anti-capitalist struggles worldwide for the future, block the normal execution of what exists. Because without an end, there is no new beginning.“ (From the …ums Ganze! […]"

#anarchism #bot

In a world of abundance, famine is not a natural disaster. It's a crime against humanity that has perpetrators. And if millions of starving people isn't top news, the media are accomplices.

Fedbook banned any mention of janes revenge, huh. What could be a clearer indication that the janes are doing something right than that?

Ongoing (meta)thread about #covid #LongCovid #MECFS:


"*This* is the illness we are letting rip through our community, that half of #LongCovid patients will end up with."

"[An #MECFS patient] feels effectively the same every day as an AIDS patient feels two months before death; the only difference is that the symptoms can go on for never-ending decades."

Another genderless insult you can use as you throw a milkshake at a fascist 


"Our vulnerable people need help urgently. Not after vacation, not in a few weeks, but now. If their health is not protected even in hospitals, we have deprived them of their most basic security. They cannot go protest. Who will stand up for them?"

"Who will do anything? Who cares? It is a desperate situation and it is being completely ignored. It is really so upsetting to me. These are just people and they matter."

#ableism #covid #Netherlands

Translated. Source:

Der oberste Scheiße-Laberer der FDP will nicht, dass der ÖPNV preiswert bleibt.

"Es bestünde die Gefahr, dass ohne Preise die Kapazitäten unnötig und übermäßig genutzt würden." (WDR)

Kurz übersetzt: Wenn der ÖPNV für alle erschwinglich ist, besteht die Gefahr, dass der ÖPNV auch genutzt wird.

Wahrscheinlich ist ihm das zu sozialistisch...

stonewall, riot, cops 

Stonewall was a riot

(and queer cops are still cops)



if I hear anyone saying that the pandemic is over I'm gonna come to their house and shit in their ass

The cows are all hoppity-happy with life at Santuário Amor que Salva animal sanctuary! #happycowgifs #cows

NATO wants to reduce its carbon emissions

Sustainable War has finally become a reality

Why does the news these days always sound like that satire I wrote some ten years ago

Thread: #OtD 28 Jun 1969 the Stonewall rebellion began in the early hours. The New York Police Department, as part of its policy of closing gay bars, raided the Stonewall Inn, which had a substantial poor and working class LGBT+ clientele.

"loitering" and "vibing" are pretty much the same thing, but if shop owners put up signs that said "no vibing" people might realize how ridiculous the whole concept of crime is.

Asking for donations to afford groceries including cat food, please boost 

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask that but I'd desperately need help with groceries.

I'll only receive my disability benefits next week, but my fiancee and I need to afford food, for our two cats as well because they won't have enough until then.

We're grateful for any donation or boost. Thank you if you can and are willing to help us. 🙏🏻

#MutualAid @mutualaid

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