Less wealth for the MIC, more wealth for the people. Same for guns.

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How it started / How it's going

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Very amusing that I can’t get any gun control groups to comment on a story about law enforcement gun sales. Come on guys, surely it doesn’t take a massive cognitive leap to see that this is part of the problem you’re supposed to be addressing.

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That’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

Also, fuck off

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Voting rights are on the ballot.

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DPD has killed another Detroiter, Porter Burks, during a mental health crisis. His family deserves justice and transparency. We demand the release of bodycam video and names and records of all officers on the scene!

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Very cool! The supreme court says it's legal for the cops to just fucking murder random people in midnight home invasions!

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Amazon has suspended over 50 workers who were involved in last night's walkout. It was not a "handful." It was nearly everybody involved in the action. This is clear retaliation against workers who refused to work in safe conditions.

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"How'd the Nazis do this?" - Matt Walsh, whose Twitter bio says that he's a "theocratic fascist," burning a book on camera

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The American political and judicial system IS an endemic threat to public safety. To feel otherwise is to tolerate & enable the transgressions of a genocidal colonial state to secure ones own position.

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Guy rolled up and fired rounds into a Indigenous Mutual Aid group's area.

Shot out a few camera.

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Your periodic reminder that @MrAndyNgo@twitter.com has been linked to multiple deadly, politically-motivated mass shootings carried out by his followers. twitter.com/johnnthelefty/stat

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Arrested during public comment. Public officials around the country are using the police to shut down dissent during public meetings. twitter.com/chrisbrunswick/sta

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NEW: Seattle police officer exposed by antifascists for his racist, violent posts and for taunting the families of murder victims has been fired by Seattle PD after an investigation. The fired officer was a follower and huge fan of chief Proud Boys propagandist @MrAndyNgo@twitter.com. twitter.com/ericacbarnett/stat

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