From the Earth First! Journal Newswire via Common Dreams:

Activist Pressure Pauses Newark Fracked Gas Project

"Faced with strident opposition from community and climate activists, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Thursday intervened to stop a vote on a controversial fracked gas power plant in Newark pending further review of the project’s environmental impact."

We Won't Stop: RBC Head Office Attacked in Montreal

"On the evening of December 30, 2021, more than a dozen windows were broken at the RBC head offices for Quebec, in the middle of downtown Montreal. No one was arrested."

Maule, Chile: Arson attack against the companies Áridos Bullileo and Asfaltos Maule

"To make a long story short, an amount of 800 million pesos [about 835,000 euros at today’s exchange rate; NdAtt.] of damage"

"We stand in solidarity with Indigenous land defenders of the past and present fighting to protect their livelihoods from colonial occupation." Forest defenders blockading logging road in Humboldt issue solidarity statement.


Layla Staats and Skyler Williams describe their arrest on unceded Cas Yikh territory, and the disgusting lengths that the Canadian state went to try and break their warrior spirits.

From Enough14 via Gidimt'en checkpoint on Twitter:

On the week of December 20, we are hosting an International Week of Action to Defund Coastal GasLink. Banks and private equity corporations are bankrolling Indigenous rights violations and destroying our shared climate.

BREAKING: Train tracks in St-Lambert in are once again blocked in solidarity with nation.

Follow @anticolonialmtl for more info and updates.

"We're a real threat when we act together," Sleydo, on the collaboration between Indigenous warriors and anarchists.

Listen up and hear that! Put in the anticolonial work and throw down with your Indigenous communities. For as long as there have been colonizers on Turtle Island, Indigenous people have been fighting their bullshit. Show up humbly and support their ongoing struggles. You'll definitely learn a thing or two while you're at it.

Say it with me now- Solidarity. Is. A. Verb!!

Head over to our store and pick up a few (hundred) of these sweet-ass stickers and let your friends, neighborhood, city know that standing together is an active practice.

The labor movement in the US is exploding, with new strikes popping up almost weekly. Check out this interview we did in 2019 that addresses some of the overlap between labor organizing and radical environmental defense. Wanna engage with organized labor fighting for improved conditions under capitalism or fierce no-compromise defense of all things wild? Why not both!

Hamilton, Ontario: Supporters of Wet’suwet’en Shut Down Shell Terminal

"Around 10 am, the crowd moved from the Shell terminal gates to take the street and shut all lanes of Burlington St, a key industrial access road and thoroughfare. The disruption brought all traffic to a standstill."

During the evening of Nov 22-23, "the friends of the lower river" sabotaged the rails leading to the port of Matane, one of the biggest ports in Eastern Quebec, with thermite, in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en.

Two Bulldozers Set Alight in Defence of Atlanta Forest.



Yesterday, Gitxsan Members blocked CN tracks after RCMP raided Wet'suwet'en territory this week. Two individuals were arrested at this rail blockage, one of which was Denzel, a spokesperson for the Git'luuhl'um'hetxwit wilp.
CW:violent police arrest

From the vault: an oldie but a goodie that appeared on It's Going Down via the Earth First! Journal. Still relevant today, so read up!

Why Environmentalists Must Be Antifascists

"We must show that we are ready to defend human dignity and equality with as much commitment as we defend the Earth."

The state is leveraging untold resources on evicting Indigenous people defending their land, water, and sovereignty while, in the same colonial-ass province of BC, climate catastrophe is breaking cities and endangering lives. Maybe stop paying pigs for continued genocide and use that money to support people living through climate chaos.

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