genuinely kinda worried we'll start diverging politically and people will have opposing politics in the system. Wtf would u even do then? Plurality is fucked

One year ago, indigenous forces entered the capital of Ecuador, joining students in confronting police and soldiers. They went on to occupy the Parliament building, forcing the government to cancel austerity measures and inspiring an uprising in Chile.

it's such an unhealthy site that takes advantage of all my mental health problems and disabilities to trap me in a pointless spectacle that never ends

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🐱 every time i post some viral shit on twitter and end up in huge arguments and get quote tweeted by libs and marxist leninists looking for clout im amazed at why i don't just leave and come here forever... but i never do bc not enough friends r on Mastodon :(


Congratulations on a hard fought victory! You earned it 10 fold!

Even as we are witnessing the Catastrophic effects of Climate change the worlds 6th Mass extinction . Australia continues to Log and burn native forests, The tallest hardwood trees in the world being logged for low grade products. Support the amazing work of the Bob Brown foundation.

anyway we'd like to start doing a bit of creative content for either server. If you're interested in content creation (writing 4 the anarchist library, video, podcast etc any format) hmu. There's not a lot out there that talks about living with disabilities while organising against the state and capital, and not a lot to teach abled radicals about medical abuse, accessibility and our healthcare needs.

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Hey everyone we've got these two discords for disabled (including neurodivergent and mentally ill) anarchists and socialists. Abled allies are welcome, no tankies is a social and support space is for a WIP union project for psychiatric patients to fight abuse and ableism in the system. Lockdown has made organising hard, but we'll get there 💛. Inspired by the Mental Patients Union in the UK

Mental health treatment desperately needs to be demolished and rebuilt. Not in a New Agey sort of way, and not in a pharmaceutical empire directed sort of way, but in a legitimately scientific and sympathetic sort of way.

More than 300 people of a local environmental protection group yesterday occupied a limestone quarry in Nong Bua Lamphu’s Suwannakhuha District. The group had been blocking the entrance to the quarry since August 13 after negotiations with local authorities about a closure of the mine failed. On September 3, the mining company’s concession to use the national forest reserve where the mine is located expired.

Photos by Adithep Chanthep

Source: The Isaan Record - English

Periodic reminder that exists as a node of anarchist podcasts and programming. Make use of this resource and support anarchist infrastructure!

Intense rioting going down in #Bogota 

After pigs murdered Javier Ordóñez. Peeps torched more that 50 cop shops

A reader submission this morning from one of the windows of the prison where refugees are held, at Kangaroo Point Central Hotel & Apartments. The men imprisoned on this side of the prison are not allowed out even on to their balconies.

We ❤️ U

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