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In the US, the purpose of cops is to enslave people of African descent, marginalize indigenous people, and to prevent the working class from taking land and freeing themselves from the obligations of making capitalists rich.

Other jobs like security guards are usually despicable and "should" be avoided. Prison guards obviously are bastards. Soldiers should go AWOL or mutiny.


"The man told us that he was at the protests from the very beginning—that it all began peacefully, until the authorities began to detonate flash-bang grenades and use violence." (Kazakhstan)

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"It is likely that those people who engaged in direct confrontation with the security forces were partly representatives of such groups and partly spontaneous self-organized protesters.

"Even before the events in Almaty, there were clips from the same Uralsk, where the demonstrators were bravely liberating the detainees from the police."

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"the scheme “to take weapons from gun stores and then attack security forces” is not new in Kazakhstan.

"Exactly the same thing happened in the city of Aktobe in June 2016: several dozen young men, divided into groups, took weapons from two gun stores, seized vehicles, and attacked a part of the National Guard, where they were defeated.

"organized groups capable of active armed resistance exist in Kazakhstani society in principle."

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"the George Floyd Uprising and its aftermath ... did not proceed as far as the uprising in Kazakhstan, where, owing to the entrenched authoritarian power structure, any struggle is immediately an all-or-nothing venture."
The article has background information.

RT speaks about reproductive justice, abortion access, clinic defense, the importance of independent clinics, abortion stigma syndemics & a lot more!
** cw: stigmatized medical procedures, mentions of harm & assault **
image by Marne Grahlman


if cis people are allowed to burn down half of california with a gender reveal party i think whenever a trans person comes out, they should be allowed to burn down a police station

KKK leader also attended Aaron “Jay” Danielson’s memorial in vancouver WA & posed for a photo with nazi rally organizer Joey Gibson.

70 years ago: Imperial greed on Africa’s west coast
Amid the horrors of the Mau Mau uprising Britain's malignant role in 1950s West and Southern Africa is less well covered, but it wasn't entirely ignored by progressives, as today's featured article from Freedom's January 5th issue of 1952 shows.

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An NYPD patrol vehicle was set on fire by an anonymous Molotov attack on Thursday in the Bronx. Revolutionary resistance to pig violence will continue until all pigs are abolished from NYC!

Cis people if you're in a jurisdiction where you can get an X gender marker, normalize doing so so that it's not de facto a "broadcasting to the world that you're trans" gender marker

On January 7, 2009, a week after Oscar Grant was murdered by a BART officer in Oakland, California, rioting began in retaliation for the murder. Several windows were smashed, cars were burned, and ~100 people were arrested. You can read more about this in our book We Fight: Three Decades of Rebellion Against the Police.

Head of CSTO invasion in #Kazakhstan is general Andrey Serdekuv. Participated in occupation of Crimea, was in charged of Russian forces in Syria in 2019. Participated in both wars in Chechnya. Truly imperial general. #Russia 🤮

Video from yesterday's riot in #Almaty. Protesters using cars to ram through the lines of cops. #Kazakhstan

Jennifer Wickham on Wet'suwet'en Anti-Pipeline Resistance
deep dive into how they make decisions
plus a call for help or support

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