oh cool a tutorial how to make an LRAD. it would be a shame if people made that and aimed them at cops

Massive Demonstration gestern in Santiago zur Feier des ersten Jahrestages des sozialen Aufstands in . In der Nacht kam es zu zahlreichen Zusammenstößen mit der Polizei. Eine Kirche ging am frühen Morgen in Rauch auf.

Eine Kirche, die dem Polizeidienst gewidmet ist (Carabineros), brennt, ihre Kuppel ist gefallen. Genossen feiern den Jahrestag der Volksrevolution gegen das faschistische Piñera-Regime #EstallidoSocial

18 de Octubre 2020
Iglesia San Borja perteneciente a la institución de Carabineros de Chile.
Un año de revuelta y el cas continuara...

"For the permanent conflict with any social order."

"Por la conflictividad permanente con cualquier orden social.

Ni Estado ni ciudadanismo.

Ni dictadura ni democracia."

Check a comic about the George Floyd riots in Philly by @[email protected] Some discussion about looting, policing, and rising up.

We're re-airing a 2013 chat with Hannah Dobbz, author of "Nine Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States", from @AKPressDistro
. We talk about squatting, 'homesteading', markets and laws between the so-called US & EU. Laws change. + "new" #SeanSwain segment!

325: **UK: Solidarity Apothecary fundraiser for Belarus ABC**

"The Solidarity Apothecary is screenprinting tshirts to help raise funds to send to Anarchist Black Cross Belarus. You can buy one here: People in Belarus are no stranger to state violence or repression living under a Dictatorship. Howeve…"

#anarchism #bot

Hey, if your neighbors have Amazon Ring™️ or Google Nest™️ cameras just constantly deauth them (and/or physically destroy them).

"By early August, RiotRibs,‭ ‬an extraordinary practice of defiant food-borne radical love,‭ ‬was undone by an armed takeover led by a disgruntled participant.‭" (more to this story)

"[Shortly thereafter] an ad hoc mix of self-protective measures emerged, into which Michael [Reinoehl] stepped early on as a self-designated “security” agent. Individuals had concerns about some of his erratic or patriarchal behaviors, but there was no context in which to address them." (more to this, too)

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