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In the US, the purpose of cops is to enslave people of African descent, marginalize indigenous people, and to prevent the working class from taking land and freeing themselves from the obligations of making capitalists rich.

Other jobs like security guards are usually despicable and "should" be avoided. Prison guards obviously are bastards. Soldiers should go AWOL or mutiny.


**#Transmasc folk take note!** Sun Pharmaceuticals is recalling three batches of #testosterone cypionate for bacterial contamination.

Please, check your lot numbers.

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60 years ago today, British fascist leader Oswald Mosley foolishly attempted to hold a fascist rally in Manchester. Within seconds of his appearance the crowd knocked him to the ground. Mosley’s appearance lasted all of five minutes before police declared it a riot, shut it down, and hustled him to safety.

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Yeah, Trump tried to stay in power, and he'll probably get a second chance.

People are mobilizing this Saturday against the Proud Boys and other gender fascists in Lake in the Hills, Illinois (outside of Chicago).

We're celebrating anarchist illustrator Clifford Harper's birthday today by releasing a new edition of his illustrated pamphlet The Unknown Deserter.

Police murder, MN 

Police chase shoplifting suspect, it ends in deaths. Should be treated as yet another police murder but news won’t even give it the standard “officer involved” treatment.

As if one needed another reason to protect shoplifters at all costs - you might be saving a life!

Help an anarchist social center in Belo Horizonte Brazil repair their roof!

#OtD 11 Jul 1892 French anarchist François Claudius Koenigstein, better known as Ravachol, was guillotined at Montbrison for a series of bomb attacks on right-wing judges. More info here:

HOUSTON REPORTBACK: Shout-out to the hundreds of Texas antifa that answered @screwstonafc's call to defend a family-friendly drag show this weekend. They vastly outnumbered the pathetically tiny group of transphobes that came out to harass & threaten the show and wound up ramming the bigots off the block!

Queer autistic couple looking for room to flee an abusive situation- can currently make it anywhere in OR or WA. :boost_ok:

All our other options keep drying up. We can both work if we're not threatened and belittled constantly and my job options are in high demand (K-12). If you live near Salem I already have one! Otherwise we will not survive here. I have one polite ESA cat who is now very used to staying in a bedroom 24/7.

Please help. If you have off-fedi leads you can DM me for email.

Palestine Action scale up, occupy and dismantle Thales weapons factory in Glasgow
In the early hours of this morning, four Palestine Action activists began an occupation of arms company Thales’ factory in South Glasgow. The activists scaled the roof factory's at dawn and began causing s

Our zinesters whipped up separate zines for these interviews, now found alongside our ever-growing catalog at . Enjoy!

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In an effort to suppress popular demonstrations against the police murder of , under curfew, the mayor of + local police have spent the last four days brutally tear-gassing, attacking + arresting protesters. Our report from the ground.

The $AkronBailFund (¢ashapp) is looking for contributions to assist those being arrested in Akron for protesting the murder of Jayland Walker by the city's police.

Please retweet if you cant send support, thank you!

Reports from that police have tear-gassed those rallying outside the jail, demanding the release of the “approximately 50 adults” who have been arrested since the start of the protests. On Monday, police instilled a curfew + tear-gassed street protests.

To Defend Abortion Access, Take the Offensive 🏴

What can direct action offer the fight for reproductive freedom? A tentative effort to discuss grassroots strategies for resisting the criminalization of abortion.

The politicians in the Democratic Party have no intention to stick their necks out to preserve abortion access. No one is coming to save us. We have to talk about what we can do together to defend each other.

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