Catch us tomorrow night in Montreal with a sneak peak of our full length documentary The Social Empire as well as a selection of other subMedia films.


A huge sinkhole 650 feet deep opened up in Chile near a Canada-owned copper mine.

Canadian mining companies are accused of labor and environmental abuses across Latin America. Locals say Lundin’s mine is destroying communities with “extractive activity that has no conscience.”


We're bummed to report that a bunch of the merch that we printed up for the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair is now sitting in a Canadian Border Services dumpster after being declared 'seditious material'. Sorry folks! Check out our table anyway.

#OtD 4 Aug 1990 the term "Two-Spirit", for Indigenous people "who embody diverse (or non-normative) sexualities, genders, gender roles, and/or gender expressions", was adopted at the 3rd Annual Gathering of Native American Gays and Lesbians.

New! First in a double podcast episode about the life and work of Howard Zinn, historian, World War II veteran and activist, in his own words, 100 years since his birth. Currently available for early listening for our supporters here:

#OtD 2 Aug 1917 a multi-ethnic armed uprising took place in rural Oklahoma in opposition to conscription during WWI, in what would later become known as the Green Corn rebellion. This is a short history:

We’re a couple of weeks into our fundraiser and at around 1/3 of our goal and we’re starting to see some flames on our progress bar cop car. If you want to see the flames grow, head on over to

To follow along with our progress and to see the limited edition shirts and hoodies for this year’s fundraiser go to or click on the link in out bio

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#OtD 31 Jul 1909 fighting in Barcelona, Spain, came to an end at the end of the 'Tragic Week' that left hundreds dead. It began as a spontaneous general strike and workers' uprising that was ultimately crushed by the government. This is a short history:

#OtD 31 Jul 1887 Kiuchi Teiko (木内錠子), Japanese Taisho-era novelist and feminist, was born. She was one of the co-founders of the monthly feminist magazine Seitō (Bluestocking), which laid the groundwork for Japanese feminism.

#OtD 29 Jul 1973 police and National Guard troops entered the Oklahoma State Penitentiary to quell the prisoners' uprising that had begun two days before and left four prisoners dead. The revolt destroyed 24 buildings and caused $30 million in damage.

#OtD 29 Jul 1900 King Umberto I of Italy was assassinated by anarchist Gaetano Bresci in revenge for the brutal suppression of a workers' demonstration in Milan which left hundreds dead. This is a history of the events:

#OtD 29 Jul 1962 fascist Oswald Mosley tried to march with the Union Movement in Manchester, UK. However, he was attacked by anti-fascists and had to be rescued by police. A Mosley speech later was drowned out by a crowd of anti-fascists. More info:

Media from to rushed to cover , centering Jeff Berwick as its ideological guru; white-washing far-Right Libertarians as "anarchists." Not one reported on Berwick's racist views, including Holocaust denial + praise of Hitler.

(Je me rends compte aussi que j'ai fait beaucoup de fautes dans ce thread. Mettez ça sur le compte de mon mépris de la langue française, je vous prie.)

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#OtD 27 Jul 1973 one of the most destructive US prison rebellions began at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary when prisoners rose up against overcrowding, mistreatment and endemic violence. It lasted three days and caused millions of dollars in damage.

#OtD 27 Jul 1981 a second wave of anti-police rioting in a month began in Liverpool, UK. Protesters attacked police with missiles, and the police responded by driving vans at high speed into the crowds to disperse them. More info here:

After the anarchist news organization It’s Going Down critiqued HBO’s misuse of the term “anarchist” and called Berwick an anti-semitic grifter in a barrage of tweets, Berwick responded with a 30-minute YouTube rant in which he claimed his detractors were just “unhappy,” “poor,” and “jealous” of wealthy people and told them to “work on themselves.”

Rally and press conference with the kanien’kehà:ka kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers)

Call to action from the kanien’kehà:ka kahnistensera:

Join us at 3 pm on Wednesday, July 27th for a rally at the foot of the unceded kanien’kehà:ka homeland of tekanontak (Mount-Royal), at the Mordecai Richler Gazebo, to let Pope Francis know that his evil Church is unwanted on Turtle Island. The cross must come down now!

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