@ReneMeadowbloom metadata.systemli.org/ this is a web frontend for a free software metadata scrubbing tool (mat2), run by comrades in europe.

We made this video, Cancel Canada, last year in the wake of the discovery of unmarked mass graves of Indigenous children outside religious Residential Schools which were funded by the Canadian state.

#OtD 30 Jun 1977 thousands in Faridabad, India rioted and went on strike in protest against the death of Harnam Singh while in police custody. This is a history of the mass struggles in India at the time: libcom.org/history/cycle-strug

Somebody Else Can Finish It Off: A Molotov at the Union
Content warning for mentions of suicide

If people ask me about the democratic state of the United Kingdom, I just point them now to a video of Queen Elizabeth II cutting a cake. For some reason, the press had gathered to watch the Queen cutting her own cake for the Diamond Jubilee, and for another equally implausible reason, the cake is u

Highly recommend listening to the latest podcast from @igd_news - Lessons From the Fight to Protect Abortion Clinics in the 1990s - including about militant organizing that successfully ran Operation Rescue anti-abortion fascists out of Minneapolis.


Ecuador: General Strike, Take Two


Two and a half years after an uprising toppled the government, people are in the streets for another general strike. What does it mean that they have to fight this battle all over again so soon after that historic victory?

"It is becoming widely understood that the shot callers in the Democratic Party have no intention to stick their necks out to preserve abortion access. For the most cynical of the Democratic politicians, the overturning of Roe v. Wade represents an opportunity to improve their job security by the changing the subject back to electoral politics once again. Yet a coherent grassroots strategy for resisting the criminalization of abortion has yet to emerge."


This became the annual Pride celebration that continues to this day all over the world. In our podcast episodes 25-26, participants in these events tell their story: workingclasshistory.com/2019/0

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In the aftermath, participants and other LGBT+ radicals set up the Gay Liberation Front, which revolutionised the gay rights movement. They organised anniversary protests on June 28 the following year in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and elsewhere.

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The crowd, which included a significant number of Black, Latine, and white LGBT+ patrons and passersby, then began to physically fight the police, triggering riots that lasted for six days. Participants included activists like Marsha P. Johnson.

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Although this is disputed by others who point to the fact that the only police record for a lesbian arrested that night was of a Marilyn Fowler.

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And outside a butch lesbian fought back against police when they arrested her, calling on the crowd that had formed to “do something.” According to some eyewitnesses this was Stormé DeLarverie, a biracial lesbian and drag performer.

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However, for the first time in the city, rather than submitting to arrest, a crowd began to gather around the police. Inside the bar, gender nonconforming people, trans women and lesbians began resisting invasive body searches.

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