honourable mentions:
- getting 94% ethanol onto places where it should not be
- kind of bonding with one of my sisters who i usually don't really bond with for several reasons

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mention of sex ig? 

In less than two days I...
- walked 10-15k steps
- cleaned a lot. Like a lot.
- found a gf
- left the virgin life behind
- had a mental breakdown
- had a dentist's appointment
- attended genuine, online, digital classes on Teams

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so these past... 48ish hours were a rollercoaster of emotions

das muss eine demokratie aushalten können - waving the guns

Choccy oat cookies & practicing for my oral exam
Tis a fine eve

My stepdad's making kroketten for dinner i am in heaven

Well, now that lockdown is being extended, at least they set the deadline for my first dissertation two weeks back

i miss pub nights with randoms-who-are-now-friends so bad. i miss live music. and what's sort of scary is to think that i can't be sure what small venues/pubs will still be there once covid-19 is not a problem anymore

jan 28th marks my fourth month on T— i am hyped

[ahem] of all the money that e'er i spent, i spent it in good company

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Have been quietly singing the parting glass to myself all afternoon
yes i'm kind of sad why are you asking

so i have no idea how anything on here works but i will now refer to this place as tooter


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