You want to know what a really looks like? It looks like 9 million tons of coal. It looks like all the long hours of underpaid work mining that coal. It looks like the miner who just died in a mining accident. It looks like children breathing the polluted air from the power plant burning that coal. It looks like the person dying of cancer from breathing that polluted air. It looks like mountains of useless and obsolete Antminers. It looks like ecological collapse. That’s your Bitcoin.

Where did you read that? Most bitcoin mining is powered by #renewableEnergy last we read.

And those numbers don't compare to how much energy is consumed to feed the #legacyFinance and #fiatSystem.

@dsfgs No it’s not. The major part of Bitcoin mining is done in China or other third-world countries using cheap coal-fired power. The stats are easily searchable.

@dsfgs Also, the argument that more energy is used to feed the fiat system is specious. Without the propping of world financial systems by national military-industrial complexes Bitcoin would have no market share and thus no value. In fact, the simple act of Bitcoin mining isn’t realistic outside the current techno-industrial paradigm. If the global financial system fails (which it will without state intervention) Bitcoin ceases to exist in any meaningful form.

Bitcoin is not in anyway propped up by #USMilitary, that is a conspiracy that is not worth 14 seconds to respond.

The US does a good job at creating wars and assasinating leaders whenever they think of not using #USD, and clearing through NY.

And gold is far worse that bitcoin in term of slavery/mining/transportation/energy/centralisation and more.

Bitcoin is not a #MediumOfExchange. Other systems and/or Layer2 handle that. Its a #StoreOfValue and the best there is.

And as we've said before, if we don't like what #China is doing, #boycott them the way people do #Israel.

Oh no, we can't do that because that is what #Trump did (under more #politicallyCorrect #nationalSecurity and #intellectualProperty but nonetheless). We're not Trump fans, we think he was a #fracking mess but we digress.

Don't like China? Turn inward, #lowerConsumption and be okay with it. Again BTC won't solve human greed per se (though does curb #overconsumption ;)

@dsfgs I never said that the US military is propping up Bitcoin, I said that outside the framework of the current military-industrial and fiat currency based global financial system it wouldn’t function and has no value. BTC is a “store of value” only because under current market conditions it can be converted to fiat currency. There is no logical argument that BTC has any inherent value, just as fiat currency has no inherent value.

@dsfgs Here’s a good article on actual Bitcoin energy consumption and generation from an independent source.

That #DeVries study is debunked.

Just one remark, "bitcoin miners are never turned off until they break", had us ROFLing.

The #CambridgeUniversity study, last year showed the network uses 17% of the energy used the boil kettles if everyone globally boiled kettles like a Briton.

Bitcoin #energyConsumption scales each 14 days, with supply. When we switch off coal, #bitcoinMining gets easier.

You can't solve greed with tech… it solves theft by #oligarchs with a #moneyPrinter.

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