To whoever is downtown tagging in a suitcoat right now - I applaud you

Stop letting White people gatekeep social advancement.

Fuck their comfort, fuck their sex, fuck their gender.

Destroy their pissant culture of consumption, and oppression.

I see that is available. Thinking of registering it.

Reminds me of when my blue maga mother-in-law recently asked with great concern where I was getting my news, because it’s important to have non-biased sources like the New York Times and WaPo.

You could spend your energy hoping the political establishment will throw you a $15/hr crumb or you could just abolish capitalism.

Rank-and-file electricians preparing for major showdown in construction
Construction is one of the few industries left today where there's still a living tradition of self-organised rank-and-file militancy, especially among electricians. This spirit was shown in a major dispute at the start of the 2010s, when a huge wildcat by electricians defeated an attempt

Fucking helicopters are out helicoptering again. Weird shit.

Kyrsten Sinema votes down $15/hr minimum wage, brings cake.

Sure hope everyone is TRIPLE masking up. Only weenies need oxygen.

I admit with some shame that I actually voted last election (3rd party, fuck the duopoly) but honestly I regret not burning my ballot and posting it on YouTube. I promise to do better next time.

Basically on birdsite I just look for liberals to fight with and slay with superior wit and logic. If you’re not there you’re not missing anything. They’re hiding right now for the most part it seems.

Michael Moore is happy when poor people suffer as long as they live in a red state. He probably has one of those Black Lives Matter rainbow signs in his yard though, so there’s that.

it's very funny to me that Qanoners had to come up with an unwieldy hashtag catchphrase to convey a meaning identical to 'solidarity' because they couldn't risk being aligned with those most wretched of malfeasants: union members

Here’s a picture of the mystery helicopters. Sorry for the poor quality digital zoom.

Nine Latin American countries have so far agreed to buy vaccines from Pfizer: #Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, #Uruguay and the Dominican Republic. The terms of these deals are unknown since all of the deals included a confidentiality clause. In the case of Argentina, the government acceded to almost all of #Pfizer’s demands. But it insisted that Pfizer pay out in the event of negligence. Even that was a bridge too far for the drug maker.

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