As consensus reality disintegrates and blatantly false propaganda from the mass media becomes the norm it’s going to be increasingly important to cultivate real-life and localized information and mutual aid networks, as well as an understanding of the different forces and motivations at play in our day-to-day lives. Theoretical generalizations aren’t a replacement for lived experience.

Wild to hear an attorney on one of the allegedly libertarian podcasts I sometimes listen to argue that Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong and should never have been charged with anything, much less found guilty.

This round mano has finger grooves and fits my hand as perfectly as the person who made and used it probably 1,000+ years ago. These are just things I come across walking along the ridge near our house, even lying on the ground they’re identifiable not just through form (they’re usually at least partially buried), but, at the risk of sounding like a new ager by what I can only describe as a vibrational quality.

Also this beautiful little mano/pounding tool (judging from the chipped ends) and what looks like a partially-completed red chert arrowhead.

Birdsite anarchists calling Peter Gelderloos an apologist for Chinese imperialism because he points out that Western governments and media only care about human rights abuses when it’s politically expedient, e.g. trying to drum up a new Cold War against China. What kind of anarchist doesn’t understand the “both are bad” position, ya know?

Speaking of liberals, the latest RevLeft podcast episode has a great discussion of liberal co-optation of radical movements or potentially radical movements like BLM. Check it out.


Biden: Keeps on locking up kids in cages.

Liberals: *valley girl voice* Oh my God, they’re giving the kids Kamala’s book! Girrrl boss!

Biden: Holds glass with one hand.

Liberals: Oh my God, best president ever! AAA+++! I feel so secure knowing we’re in competent hands, and it only takes one of them to hold a glass! Biden could literally hold two glasses at the same time! Exceeding expectations!!!

One of my wife’s best friends has a tech bro husband, who I always thought was pretty cool for a tech Libertarian.... until he recently became a full-on white lives matter white supremacist. Just goes to show, you can’t trust a tech bro.

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Washington Post replaces its staff of Trump fact checkers with Biden truth confirmers.

I read that a virtual house in NFT format called Mars House recently sold for $500,000. Hearty fuck you to the crypto/NFT tech bros. At least they’ll probably taste good with their plant-based diets and all. Barbecue at my place anyone?

#OtD 29 Apr 1916, the leaders of the Irish Easter Rising surrendered unconditionally to British forces at 16 Moore Street in Dublin. The 15 leaders of the rising were subsequently executed

Here is an awesome, succinct, summation of the relationship between modernism, rationalism, racism and the concept of the "subhuman" that formed the foundations of the Holocaust. Those of you familiar with Critical Theory probably are familiar with this line of argumentation.

"The emergence of reason and the subsequent reification of reason as the fundamental attribute of human nature is therefore completely premised on the creation of hierarchies of reasonable and unreasonable people...

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What the actual fuck are liberals who say Biden gets an A and exceeded expectations even talking about? Mfer hasn’t done jack. Nothing has fundamentally changed, just as promised, but the libs are all having spontaneous orgasms just thinking about prez Cornpop.

Does anybody still want to argue that Democrats are the Lesser Of Two Evils or are we good?

Super happy that @igd_news followed up on the controversy on their latest podcast (at about 1hr 24 mins). I truly believe that "respected" comrades set an example, and these types of bad decisions need to be discussed and denounced publicly when appropriate. I'd love to see something written on this or at least a transcript so that it's searchable. @tom_nomad

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The good news is that fool Gavin Newsom will have to face a recall election. Sorry you might have to miss some parties, guvnor.

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