@dirtbag_anarchist This British electrician has made a very good video about protective earthing arrangements for generator sets..


Now if you want to hook up a generator the smart and right way you get a transfer switch installed, or at least a generator interlock. Look it up. As a professional however, I chose to do it the wrong and easy way. Use this method at your own risk, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS turn off your main disconnect and NEVER remove or install the cord while the generator is running.

Here’s the procedure:

1) Turn off your main breaker and all the individual circuit breakers, including the breaker you’re back feeding through.

2) Hook up your generator cord house side first, then generator. You should really be using twist lock cord caps for this.

3) Start your generator, allow to run for a few minutes. If you have a multimeter check the voltage.

4) Turn on your back fed breaker, then just whatever individual circuits you want power to. Don’t overload the generator.

Basically, the super dirty way to hook up a generator to your house wiring is an extension cord with a male cord cap of the appropriate type for your generator and another male cord cap that fits whatever receptacle you’re hooking to on your house on the other end. The cord and receptacle must be rated for the voltage and amperage your generator produces, and the power backfeeds from the receptacle through your properly-sized breaker into the panel. You MUST turn off your main disconnect first.

If you’re running a well pump or other significant equipment this is about the size you’ll need: 8,000 running watts. Starting watts refers to the amount of power the generator can put out for a short time, generally when starting motors. For a generator this size “portable” is relative, since it weighs 200 lb.

Fun times in the dirtbag container. I’ll be writing up that cheap and dirty portable generator guide when time allows.

One thing that really pisses me off about the typical prepper discourse is the “your preparedness is only for you, fuck everybody else” mentality. A) It’s fucking stupid, because even from a purely self-interested perspective, in an eco/economic/social collapse situation long-term survival will depend on cooperation with others. B) It’s fucking stupid, because sooner or later somebody will find out that you have a stash of supplies that you’re hoarding and rightly or wrongly will take them away.

I guess it’s not fair to fault people for the fact that their ability for independent thought has been systematically beaten out of them since childhood, but goddam.

Updated reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity: every account is tied to a phone number
- Not #opensource, until recently. Server source code was undisclosed for a year to hide their plans to turn Signal into a bank
- No #decentralization
- Dark UI pattern: The PIN feature (enabled by default) uploads your contacts to the cloud without informing the user, albeit encrypted.
- Tries to be a #blockchain #cryptocurrency bank

Original: chaos.social/@hut/105985100215

Great alternatives to #Signal that check all the boxes (#decentralization, #privacy, #opensource, #anonymous, #cryptocurrency-free):

- #Briar: briarproject.org
- #DeltaChat: delta.chat
- #Matrix: matrix.org
- #XMPP / #Jabber: xmpp.org (It aged very well, supports signal-like encyption and battery-efficient mobile apps now. If you dismissed it in the past, I encourage you to give it another try.)

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Can’t believe the Amazon workers voted against unionizing. Death to Amazon, but those evil corporations only have so much power because ameriKKKans are fucking stupid. Also one more dead royal, yay!

We stand against abusers in our community.

We are in solidarity with those harmed by AntiFash Gordon.

We firmly stand in support of this statement of separation.


Just who are all these people buying houses with cash anyway? Nobody I know is sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity (every account is connected to a phone number)
- Not #opensource (the git repo of the server hasn't been updated in a year)
- No #decentralization
- No web client, and max. 1 mobile client per account
- No #privacy (your entire contact list is uploaded to the server. It's encrypted, but it's trivial to brute-force encrypted phone numbers. You can prevent it by disabling the PIN feature, but it's enabled by default without warning.)

Hoop house waking up. One way to make a simple low-cost hoop house (well, maybe not right now with the plastics supply chain in disarray) is using PVC conduit, which is sufficiently flexible even when cold to easily bend into a half-circle. Find some scrap lumber and get a sheet of UV-resistant greenhouse plastic and with some random fastenings, time and a bit of patience you’re in business.

In our high-desert climate the hoop house yields more than ten times what I’d get growing outside.

The black natural rubber hoses are the best kind. I’ve never had one of the green ones that lasted more than a couple seasons, but I’ve got black ones that are going on seven years even in our high-desert climate.

A thread about employer 'personality profiling', 'microexpressions' etc, as a way the workforce is culled of potentially disgruntled workers in the hiring process, and the phrenology-industrial complex, from @pluralistic

The only two types of news media I can usually stand are far-left sources and business news like the Financial Times. Lefty sources for obvious reasons, business news because they’ll still tell some semblance of what’s actually happening and run headlines like “Health Stocks Up as Hospitals End Care for Nonpayers”. News and the darkest form of humor at the same time.

Elon, at least back then, was obsessed with cereal. It was one of the few things he’d eat while he was at work, and he rarely left the building.

You’d think he would have kept the cereal in his fucking office, then, but ohhhh no. He kept it in a general break area as a power move. If you accidentally ate his cereal, he’d be fucking furious. Everyone was too paranoid to touch the cereal in there, because it might be his.

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