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intro (ft. slur) 

reposting w/ CW:

feel free to choose what name youโ€™d like to call meโ€”my @ and display name provide suggestions. they/them pronouns pls. Iโ€™m a white faggot of trans experience in my mid-20โ€™s. interests include music (of screamy, ambient, and jazz varieties), martial arts, graffiti, and theory. post-left/ultra-left cusp, anarchy+communism. I think itโ€™s slightly odd when minors follow me, but ig itโ€™s okay bc I donโ€™t rlly horny post. and anarchy is for the kids anyway.

for people asking what "real" harm tankies can do....

from 2019: "On July 31st, the self-proclaimed 'revolutionaries' of Defend Boyle Heights (DBH) mimicked the fascist state by rehearsing their own Maoist brand of authoritarian repression at the jail solidarity and courtwatch workshop, 'What To Do In Case Of Arrest.'"

stop saying "my kid could paint that," and start saying "my kid *will* paint that!" the time is now to introduce your child to the lucrative world of art forgery

@diqqun not saying there arenโ€™t problems with some strains of anti-civ analysis and practice, but like lol you get that anti-civ anarchists favor *anarchic* modes of organization and action, which necessarily means *not* taking hold of a state apparatus to do mass murder, right? goddamn it this is the second time Iโ€™ve tooted about this in like a week and I hardly ever toot, I promise I think and care about other things

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person Iโ€™m subtooting wonโ€™t even likely see this, but the โ€œyouโ€™d have to murder billions of ppl to get anti-civ thingโ€ is real uh, interesting, when you think about how genocide is quite distinctly a phenomenon of civilization

Denormalize everything. No more norms. Just weird, fucked up shit forever.

A new piece of riot cop equipment is this red bit of the visor to block out green laser pointers. Interesting to know.

Minneapolis: Suburban police in Brooklyn Center murdered a 20 year old man at a traffic stop and a crowd of 100s is gathering outside the local police station, 6645 Humboldt Ave N.

Follow @unicornriot for livestream (currently down, say they will be back up in a few minutes)

If you're local, get either otg or support remotely, we're all tired af and need all hands on deck if this gets bigger.

feeling like a broken record but uh fuck "hate crimes" and hate crime legislation, and fuck "hate" as a framework through which to understand racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other modes of reactionary, violent and otherwise oppressive belief + attendant action

Cracks in the Steel City is a filler column that recaps local news that anarchists in Pittsburgh may find interesting, with a particular focus on autonomous, illegalist, and insurrectionist activity. We also include information about fascist activity, state repression, and capitalist maneuvering.

This edition covers January 1 - March 22.

1312 in 412

I wish we could move from twitter to here. Although I doubt we'd be able to reach enough folks but we'll try anyway. We are a collective of houseless people in so called Portland Or focusing on mutual aid and communal urban camping. for more info or to request aid. We are looking to network with other collectives which could benefit us both.

formerly @conflictingxideas on kolektiva hehe


Learning from M5/L

"The bravery and collective intelligence seen in Lansing will be needed again in the coming years. In hopes that others can learn from our affinity groupโ€™s experiences in Lansing and be better prepared for future clashes, we here share a set of tactical insights and lessons from the [March 5, 2018] weekend..."

Liberalism with punk characteristics

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