So I made a group page: @imagecaptionspls This is for people who have difficulty writing image captions/descriptions for their images. Due to fatigue or lack of spoons or neurodivergencies that make it difficult or many other reasons. If you’re non-disabled or able to help with writing these, it would be awesome if you could follow that page and help out when you see someone tag it needing help with it so their post can be accessible for others too! @disabilitymemes @disability @accessibility

@cryptidcripple @imagecaptionspls @disabilitymemes @disability @accessibility Our instance has an emoji that people can add to a post to indicate that the writer can't add a caption and invite others to chip in.

@cryptidcripple great idea! Curious to learn more about image captioning best practices. I'm not the most confident in captioning but am trying to improve!

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