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(take 2) I’m Finnegan (or Finn) and i’m a queer cryptid of the night tryin to toot away into the void. my pronouns are
they/he (use them back & forth)

My special interests are Astrology, life simulation and choices games, different forms of fantasy, writing, queer cartoons, cryptids, and psychology. also i’m a slut for harry styles

Cripples, enbies, and autistics are especially encouraged to join me for late night shit posting and deep discussion having.

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Don’t Follow If:
•You don’t have any icon and/or you don’t have any bio
•You’re a nazi or nazi adjacent
•You are following for any reason that is not to interact w me and my content

I Post:
About general leftist things with a focus on education on disability and trans/queer things. I also share things about my chronic illness journey & try to be open about my experiences! And shit post/memes & whatever is on my mind.

Do Not Interact with 18+/nsfw/ect posts on my page if you’re under 18

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~Likes, replies, boosts are always welcome.
~DM’s are welcome if we have interacted
~Flirting is welcome and encouraged! (But I am polyam and a venus in gemini so i fall in love with everyone lolol)
~If we’ve interacted & you want to be mutuals/a follow back, let me know
~I have adhd and can’t keep track of anything so I will forget things and I apologize ahead of time- I will not be offended by reminders

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list of privileges + identities 

White, housed, consistent food stamps, have consistent medicaid, have utilities, semi ambulatory, often transmisogony exempt, sometimes have masc privilege, have a foundational education, first language English & born in the US, not a SWer, young, non-Jewish(goy)

Disabled, autistic, neurodivergent, queer, trans non-binary, mid-fat, mentally ill, diamoric pansexual, abime-autigender, mobility aid user, polyam, chronically ill, A CRYPTID

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List of Health Conditions 

-Plantar Fasciitis
-TMJ severe
-Hereditary Neuropathy
-Chronic fatigue, unspecified
-Mast cell activation, unspecified
-CMT2A gene possible cmt disorder

-General Anxiety
-Social Anxiety
-Dissociative Identity Disorder
-Major Depression
-Borderline PD
-Dyscalculia, dysgraphia, sensory processing disorder, and ?dyslexia?

housing crisis, landlords, rental co, lease termination 

I don’t know how to find a place that’s going to let us bring our animals even if we DO find a way to afford moving. Unless we could ALSO find a way to afford vet appointments to get full explanation and clearance for a new landlord.

If anyone happens to read this and knows of any resources and can send them to me I’d be really appreciative. I’ve read up on local tenant laws and all. I struggle to understand what I’m reading though.

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housing crisis, landlords, rental co, lease termination 

1) We get rid of our animals and we can continue renting.
2) We write a formal notice of vacating within 30 days allowing us w/o a termination on our rental record but still have “non-compliance” notices on our record
3) They terminate the lease and we have 60 days to move out.

I still haven’t been approved for SSDI and I literally don’t know what to do bc our city is already in housing crisis

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housing crisis, landlords, rental co, lease termination 

i know i haven’t posted in a while bc social apps have been overwhelming but our rental company had a final inspection before we have new neighbors. And despite our many different and numerous attempts at getting rid of the pet urine smell... They said it’s still (in their words *slightly there* and have decided to give us 3 choices. [A thread]

enbyphobia against amab enbies, transmisogyny, non binary amab erasure 

Spittin some fucking facts for our amab non binary comrades ❤

3 part post, landlords, housing, rant 

we’re on a month to month lease now, after living here 2 years. i’m scared they’re going to make us leave with only a month notice if it’s not perfect
or because of our pets.

the housing here is already so limited especially with pets & even more so since 2020. & i still don’t have any idea how my hearing for ssdi went, I haven’t heard anything and I was supposed to by now.

idk just ... hate everything about landlords

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3 part post, landlords, housing, rant 

so now they’re coming to inspect again tuesday & this notice will be on our rental history (they wrote that on it)

and that makes it that much harder to move into accessible housing if we were to even find it...

Also if we have to deep clean and try to get the smell out and rent a rug doctor or something before tuesday and somehow make the yard more presentable. and then try to find some way to keep my dog from howling bc strangers are in the house

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3 part post, landlords, housing, rant 

We got a “noncompliance notice” sent to us from our landlords yesterday. Last inspection they had mentioned the smell of pet urine
(our dog who has diabetes has bladder incontinence and it’s hard to get the smell out)

and our downstairs neighbors are moving out of our duplex so the landlords i guess came and saw our unmaintained yard and the shared laundry room smelled like pet odor

I’m going to be moving to a new place next month. I haven’t gotten the stimulus and I need help with covering moving costs and getting food.

You can help me out by donating directly to my Paypal or Venmo.

Venmo: FarahT

Thank you. ❤️

be an anarchist as in "anarchy is my end goal" not "i wont accept anything but anarchy right now immediately" because that's just literally not how shit works and also just you saying "i wanna look good but not care about what actually gets done"

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uspol, twitter 

fyi: they banned trump from twitter because it was no longer profitable for them to keep him on the platform, not because he incited violence.

it's a side effect of him inciting that violence: the fact that advertisers no longer want to affiliate themself with violence (specifically against white people).

corporations act in their own self interest, and that self-interest is profit.

in home care 

that didn’t post till just now but apparently they’re raising my tier and giving me more hours??

So i’ll have roughly 30 hours/ 2 weeks of in home care if i find a person or agency

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in home care 

Super nervous about in home care year assessment phone call... Considering I haven’t been getting care since April...bc the last person quit and then everything shut down so i was nervous


Keep in mind that the problem is not rioting the US capitol.

The problem is white supremacy. The problem is fascism.
The problem is that black folks are being shot dead for peacefully protesting and asking for their basic human rights to stay alive and have a decent life while whyte supremacists can riot the capitol being applauded and taking pictures with cops without being dead after that.

Imagine, just imagine, if it was black folks who did this riot. If wouldn't have been 13 arrests.

TW | USPol / Ableism 

"hey friends, this is not a time to attack the terrorists using stigmatized ableist terms or phrases. they are not crazy or insane. they are sane and actively choosing to be abhorrent."

©️ @/CEOofBitchcraft on the blue birb app.

USPOL, police 

The proud boys are trying to take over a government building and the cops have conveniently run out of pepper spray bombs

As the official spokesperson for grumpy, middle aged, binary IDed trans men, I have gathered you here to state:

Enbies are good. Experimenting with gender is good. You are as valid as you want to be. Nobody owns any of the genders and you can play with them however makes you feel happy, or curious or for no reason at all. Any reason is good as is no reason at all. Free genders for everyone!

2021 is the year of gender liberation for all.

Thank you.

Happy Solar Return warms my heart more than Happy Birthday. It just feels deeper

All cops are bastards but so are all politicians. Even the ‘progressive’ ones. They are still tools of neoliberalism, capital, and the state. They co-opt revolutionary language and use it to try to sell us on policies designed to lull the masses into complacency. Their ‘fights’ with the establishment are nothing more than annoyances. They do not truly threaten the status quo.

executive functioning, adhd 

i may have downloaded a bunch of new apps but most of them were productivity apps and now i’m trying to adhere to a loose schedule that might help my executive functioning & adhd but we’ll see 🤷🏻

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