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Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years reconstructs the life of Emma Goldman through significant texts and documents.

❤️They need warm winter gear and we need your help in sourcing these things currently as our funds are drying out.

Anything that can help keep toes and fingers from freezing, blankets and tents. Whatever you've got.

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🚨🚨It's dangerously cold out right now, and while our wonderful Cold weather shelter folx are keeping up to 24 people from freezing on the streets, we still see many more that, for a variety of reasons, can't utilize the shelters available.

Happy birthday to Gaetano Bresci—who risked his life to rescue Errico Malatesta from an assassination attempt, then gave his life to inflict consequences on the king of Italy for ordering the slaughter of hundreds of workers.

You can read about his story here, with texts by Malatesta and Leo Tolstoy:

Hello fediverse.

On 11/10 we experienced hardware failure that took out servers offline for two days.

Some faulty memory corrupted our hard drive and it took quite some time to restore 1.5TB of memes!

If you can, send some 🌯💲 to our Bitcoin or Liberapay page to get better equipment

BTC: bc1qh32d2gen82fyq8jv0upt74s645s7p65tllwh88

In love and rage,

Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder

Pretty simple add any pay walled URL to and boom you are reading that shit.

Come join one of our many labor blocs or start your own project. We will never let them oppress us, regardless who wins this or any election. Their council is no longer where power resides. It resides in each of us.

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Voting is the least effective way to have a say in society. You can vote once or twice a year, but it's what you do everyday that counts. Don't abdicate your power to so called representatives - take responsibility for the ways your actions can change the world yourself.

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The fascist creep in local or national politics got you down?

Worried politicians might all of a sudden try to criminalize poverty and put us in prison camps?

Too late!

Don't Panic, Organize!


🔴 All hands important City council meeting tonight.

🔴Please also consider submitting a comment to with the subject line "PUBLIC HEARING COMMENT" by 4pm tonight. They REQUEST your full name and ward number or location.

#OtD 13 Oct 1970 famous Black activist Angela Davis was arrested by the FBI in NYC. She had fled California after a warrant for her arrest was issued in connection with an attempted jailbreak. Davis was later acquitted. Learn more in this book:

Tiny has even called for the "rounding up" of Jews and another Holocaust. Proud Boys "love him" for this stance.


English translation:

St-Édouard-de-Maskinongé, on October 15, 2021 a group of non-Natives blocked a CN railway connecting Montreal to Abitbi and Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean for more than an hour.

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🎄Here's a picture of the forest. Take a breath, drink some water. Take care of each other, no matter who tries to stop you. Solidarity forever.✊❤️

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🚗 🍽️ Mobile was good tonight. Good people and good conversations. Served 7 trays of chili Mac, thank you Food Not Bombs - Chehalis River ! Gave away about 12 socks and blankets. As always snacks and water.

👍Lots of good news tonight too. Needed some for sure.

🔴Sample script for Mayor Pete:

"Fuck you, an I hope you've got good legal counsel right now Pete."

🔴Don't forget to sign and share our petition to demand the City meet and discuss solutions with those affected

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🔴Sample email script below:


Another incident occured last night in the lot behind city hall formerly known as TASL, our local tent city. Mayor Pete continues to do his best to punish homelessness despite a ninth circuit court ruling saying he may not criminalize

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