👋 Hey everybody! We are excited to announce that our community meal and free store will now be moving to Sunday at 3pm. Same location behind the library. Join us this Sunday, the 30th for some hot food.

🌱 We are in the process of recruiting more volunteer drivers to finish out our mobile meal delivery schedule on the other 6 days! 🤯

We have a couple on the streets looking for a sleeping bag. Can you toss in a few bucks?
Cash app $crmutualaidnet
Venmo @crmutualaidnet
PayPal crmutualaidnet@riseup.net

📢Weather updates ⚠️


During these time we understand the anxiety & fear of what's next, we are right there with you. We are doing what we can to continue our support the best we can.

😲❤️We've got enough supplies to make 48 heaters! The amount of support has been staggering. We even had donors giving to us to pass along for heater bloc Spokane!
🙏💸Keep the donations coming so we can these people stocked with fuel. And so we can build more once these are handed out.
💪This town proves time and time again that it cares for the most vulnerable and neglected among us. When our so called leaders fail to provide the most minimal of


🙏We need heaters...luckily our comrades at heater bloc spokane cooked up this low-cost, safe, and effective heater design:


👉 We hope people can help us source these materials for cheap, talk to local businesses about it, get some friends and family together for your own build, join us in a build, or just throw some funds our way for supplies.


🔴The MOST vulnerable can often remain unsheltered for a variety of reasons.

🔴 People die every year from simply being exposed to the weather we face in the PNW.

🔴 Warm clothes, socks, and blankets save actual lives.

🔴 Please look in your closet, storage, and it bank account and see if there is anything you send our way for winter.

🚨🚨It's dangerously cold out right now, and while our wonderful Cold weather shelter folx are keeping up to 24 people from freezing on the streets, we still see many more that, for a variety of reasons, can't utilize the shelters available. t.co/0EWyGvZMa8

The fascist creep in local or national politics got you down?

Worried politicians might all of a sudden try to criminalize poverty and put us in prison camps?

Too late!

Don't Panic, Organize!


🔴 All hands important City council meeting tonight.

🔴Please also consider submitting a comment to cityclerk@aberdeenwa.gov with the subject line "PUBLIC HEARING COMMENT" by 4pm tonight. They REQUEST your full name and ward number or location. t.co/XClPqrd601

🚗 🍽️ Mobile was good tonight. Good people and good conversations. Served 7 trays of chili Mac, thank you Food Not Bombs - Chehalis River ! Gave away about 12 socks and blankets. As always snacks and water.

👍Lots of good news tonight too. Needed some for sure.

📢 Call in campaign 🚨🚨 Sample scripts below.
Full contact list available on our website t.co/W9HaMidk7l. t.co/UXBCBEsxee

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