😲❤️We've got enough supplies to make 48 heaters! The amount of support has been staggering. We even had donors giving to us to pass along for heater bloc Spokane!
🙏💸Keep the donations coming so we can these people stocked with fuel. And so we can build more once these are handed out.
💪This town proves time and time again that it cares for the most vulnerable and neglected among us. When our so called leaders fail to provide the most minimal of


accomodations (24 hour warming centers) we will take care of ourselves. No permission required.

✊Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money in this effort and the border community support of and by the CWS. We are far from done, and we need y'all's support more than ever.

Heater plans: bit.ly/heaterblocbuild

Donation links: linktr.ee/crmutualaidnet

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