#OtD 13 Oct 1970 famous Black activist Angela Davis was arrested by the FBI in NYC. She had fled California after a warrant for her arrest was issued in connection with an attempted jailbreak. Davis was later acquitted. Learn more in this book: shop.workingclasshistory.com/c

Tiny has even called for the "rounding up" of Jews and another Holocaust. Proud Boys "love him" for this stance.

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English translation:

St-Édouard-de-Maskinongé, on October 15, 2021 a group of non-Natives blocked a CN railway connecting Montreal to Abitbi and Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean for more than an hour.

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🎄Here's a picture of the forest. Take a breath, drink some water. Take care of each other, no matter who tries to stop you. Solidarity forever.✊❤️

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🚗 🍽️ Mobile was good tonight. Good people and good conversations. Served 7 trays of chili Mac, thank you Food Not Bombs - Chehalis River ! Gave away about 12 socks and blankets. As always snacks and water.

👍Lots of good news tonight too. Needed some for sure.

🔴Sample script for Mayor Pete:

"Fuck you, an I hope you've got good legal counsel right now Pete."

🔴Don't forget to sign and share our petition to demand the City meet and discuss solutions with those affected

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🔴Sample email script below:


Another incident occured last night in the lot behind city hall formerly known as TASL, our local tent city. Mayor Pete continues to do his best to punish homelessness despite a ninth circuit court ruling saying he may not criminalize

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🔴Voicemail script:
The Aberdeen mayor sat in his truck while the city bull dozed the homeless camp in the pouring rain and there is NO cold weather shelter in aberdeen WA this year. This is questionable legally and horrifying morally, please investigate this issue.

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kiro-7 news : 206-728-8308, newstips@kiro7.com

king-5 news : 206 - 448-3850

komo 4-news: 877-397-5666

q13-news :206-674-1305, fox13tips@fox.com

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NEW REPORT OUT NOW!! Bit.ly/transphobe

We have assembled the most thorough and careful accounting of the events of the weekend out there. We provide our own analysis, and sketch out some lessons we learned. We also detail some of the thinking behind some of the difficult decisions we had to make in order to debunk many of the misleading or outright false claims made about us in the press.

🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️CURRENT ACTION underway at TASL in Aberdeen.

✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿Residents of the Aberdeen homeless community, radical and faith communities, and more are staging a SIT IN demanding to have a collective seat at the table in any decision the city makes about TASL alternatives.

👀Please sign and follow us over the next few days to learn more about how you can get involved DIRECTLY in support of this community. TASL closes this Friday the 16th at noon.

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📝On the back of our most recent successful petition we put this together in conjunction with the local homeless community to demand that the City of Aberdeen meet and talk potential TASL alternatives with those living on the streets.

SIGN HERE 👉change.org/AberdeenTASL👈

Linktree available in bio as well.

❤️If you've ever shared anything we've done or if we have done anything to inspire you towards action then we need you now more than ever.

Don't give fluids for heat stroke and water for heat exhaustion shouldn't be cold. Unintuitive but true.

🚨🚨We desperately need your help in rallying these donations. Material goods or funds to buy. This is needed ASAP.

We know we don't use umbrellas for rain up here yet everyone seems to have a few, consider dropping them at the library for distribution to the unhoused for life saving shade.

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