🔥💪Heater progress report:

After a bout of COVID and some MUCH NEEDED rest. We are back at the heater builds.

Copper is coiled.
All the holes are drilled, and filled.
Time for some fuel tests.
Waiting for the wire safety enclosures to be built and these will be up for distribution.

If you need one reach out or drop a comment.

📢Weather updates ⚠️


During these time we understand the anxiety & fear of what's next, we are right there with you. We are doing what we can to continue our support the best we can.

accomodations (24 hour warming centers) we will take care of ourselves. No permission required.

✊Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money in this effort and the border community support of and by the CWS. We are far from done, and we need y'all's support more than ever.

Heater plans: bit.ly/heaterblocbuild

Donation links: linktr.ee/crmutualaidnet

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😲❤️We've got enough supplies to make 48 heaters! The amount of support has been staggering. We even had donors giving to us to pass along for heater bloc Spokane!
🙏💸Keep the donations coming so we can these people stocked with fuel. And so we can build more once these are handed out.
💪This town proves time and time again that it cares for the most vulnerable and neglected among us. When our so called leaders fail to provide the most minimal of


🙏We need heaters...luckily our comrades at heater bloc spokane cooked up this low-cost, safe, and effective heater design:


👉 We hope people can help us source these materials for cheap, talk to local businesses about it, get some friends and family together for your own build, join us in a build, or just throw some funds our way for supplies.

"We stand in solidarity with Indigenous land defenders of the past and present fighting to protect their livelihoods from colonial occupation." Forest defenders blockading logging road in Humboldt issue solidarity statement. itsgoingdown.org/solidarity-wi

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Hey zine people: This is a PSA that if you want to make your content accessible both online and in print, you need multiple versions:
--An imposed PDF for printing
--A regular PDF for digital viewing
--A text/html version for people who use screen readers, and easier republishing

Periodic reminder that "Just google it" is dangerous advice. You're asking someone with professed ignorance of a topic to wade through a sea of adversarial SEO hacks and deliberate misinformation. This is how people fall for e.g. the propaganda from Autism Speaks.

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $70 for groceries and $70 for medical weed ($140 total)

i've been trying to do freelance video editing and/or find a job as a video editor (portfolio and contact info below). i have to work from home because i have asthma and catching covid is a major health risk for me

paypal: paypal.me/v33b33

cashapp: cash.app/$vantablack420

venmo: venmo.com/vantablack420

if you're interested in hiring me to video edit, my portfolio and contact info can be found at verticallyalignedcarbonnano.tu

thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

Thanks to all of your generous assistance and encouragement, we are going to be able to bounce back quickly from the fire that destroyed our mail-order space.

Here is our full report, complete with a gallery of support messages and a list of additional ways to contribute to our project:



This community is amazing is what we can pull off together. There is often to much going to share even half of what we accomplish with everyone. Hopefully we can continue to grow this project in the new year. Thank you all. ❤️ To get involved just message us.

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🔴The MOST vulnerable can often remain unsheltered for a variety of reasons.

🔴 People die every year from simply being exposed to the weather we face in the PNW.

🔴 Warm clothes, socks, and blankets save actual lives.

🔴 Please look in your closet, storage, and it bank account and see if there is anything you send our way for winter.

As we enter the final week of our fundraiser to reprint Days of War, Nights of Love and the Contradictionary, we'll share an entry from the Contradictionary each day.

Today's entry is about voting—and how it killed Edgar Allen Poe:


The fundraiser:


This Is America #154: Inflation, Class War, And MAGA Factions Jostle For Power

kolektiva.media/w/qkrTy9FYzyyg #11

RT @StopTheSweepsCV@twitter.com


Help keep the corvallis houseless community warm and dry this winter

🐦🔗: twitter.com/StopTheSweepsCV/st

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