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We had much to say about our most recent meeting, thoughts on next steps, and some digital tools. New Blog Post:

Join us again to help us make our banner and turn over more beds at Cultivating Roots. Check out our blog post all about it here: We will also have another collection for Activism in Action Collective.

Here’s an updated needs list - in general these donations will be collected ongoing by @aiacollective as mutual aid distribution are happening weekly through end of year. Diapers
Children's Socks
Children's Winter Coats

Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Antibacterial Soap
Disinfectant Cleaner
Sleeping Bags
Rain Gear

Adult Coats

Thanks to all who came out for the work party. Things went well despite the rain and many good discusions were had. We are hoping to do this same thing next weekend, stay tuned! thx to @aiacollective @crmutualaidnet

In addition this Saturday will host a donation drop site for AIA Collective and their work with Fire Igniting the Spirit, @SnackBloc, @Symbiosis_PDX, @crmutualaidnet . Needs list here. Cultivatin Roots 375 Oak st Aberdeen noon to one

A Mutual Aid Explainer - Always good to share thx

Vegan wraps for mutual aid. salvaged veggie black bean burger mix, homemade heirloom ketchup, onion, pickles, sprouts.
thank you to those who donated.

Check out all our socials and NoBlogs site with our handy linktree now available here:

Join Us Sat Oct 10 for a free community meal, garden work party, and found a FNB at the same time! We will be at Cultivating Roots from noon to one. For more info check out our new blog post and follow us on

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