Meanwhile, in the same county, Chrystul Kizer sat in prison for nearly 3 years, after defending herself against her sex trafficker while she was a minor. Chrystul’s $400k bail was posted in June of this year

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Kyle Rittenhouse posted 2 million dollar bail a few days ago. He murdered two people—Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum—in Kenosha on the third night of protests after the police shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back.

It took about 2 months for them to raise the 2 million dollar bail for him.

Riots have broken out in multiple Brazilian cities following the murder of 40 year old Black man João Alberto Freitas.

a small handful of people have shown up to challenge them, approaching proud boys directly, countering their chants of “we love trump” with “four more weeks!”

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(video is not mine, was shared to me by a friend)

maga/ trump cultists gather in wauwatosa, right near the mayfair mall, unopposed—hundreds of them gathered on at least 3/4 corners of mayfair ave.

(paraphrasing) The idea that the proud boys or any other group on the right could disrupt the inauguration is almost laughable. they have no experience dealing with police repression, being tear gassed, kettled, facing off with riot cops. they are always allowed to protest unchallenged by the state, but if they were to do something like that, there would be state opposition, police opposition. and they’re simply unprepared for it, it would honestly be funny to watch...

This @igd episode, and all of the ones covering the election and fallout of the election, is great, i highly recommend giving it a listen.

to be clear, this rally was called before last night, and counter demos have been organized—the fact that they’re going on with it after someone shot 8 people at the mall (no deaths, to my knowledge) is incredibly disturbing.

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Former sherif of milwaukee county and piece of shit murderer david Clarke is calling for a trump rally at the location of last nights mass shooting in wauwatosa, the mayfair mall.

the police allowed him into the area, which was still an “active” situation, since the shooter has (to my knowledge) still not been located. He announced that this rally will still be happening.

counter demos have been called, if you’re able to, please get there and shut these fascist fucks down

And right now, in addition to the terrible conditions in the prison system, COVID is running rampant behind the walls...Where are the calls for justice? Where are the marches?

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I can’t get over this.

As angela davis said, “Prisons don’t disappear problems, they disappear people.” Even as many people are demanding justice in the streets, justices for lives taken by the police, they’re neglecting the other side of what the police do—take lives away by locking them in a cage, stealing them from their friends, family, community.

Mariame Kaba, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police,” 6/12/2020, New York Times Op-Ed.

While liberals still seek to explain away “Defund the Police” or “Abolish the Police” as reductive statements that really mean “transform what policing is into something better,” Ms Kaba points out that this is simply not possible, policing and criminalization are the problem.

a friend of mine described the situation pretty perfectly:

“Fucking police wait until the movement has died down then attack its symbols to finish it off.

This is why leaders are a dumb-bad idea. They create vulnerabilities that can be exploited.”

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Wauwatosa Cop (suburbs of Milwaukee) who killed Antonio Gonzales, Jay Anderson Jr., & Alvin Cole will receive full years salary after resigning back in July.

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