New Post! Prison Hurts All of Wisconsin

“Despite many cultural differences, Wisconsin’s prison system has a similar negative impact on people in both under-resourced rural communities and Milwaukee’s northside. Those who have been cut out of the jobs economy, who’ve been marginalized and neglected by political elites, business owners, and corporations, are more likely to struggle with addiction, despair, and violence. We know what comes next...”

"Co-creating literature with imprisoned revolutionaries is also an invaluable way to sharpen one’s own group analysis, as the nonimprisoned revolutionary can never fully comprehend the changing politics of power in plantation society without listening in to the pulse of the movement for Prisoner Liberation."

Printed a bunch of copies of Against Innocence by Jackie Wang to throw in ord3rs because we really don’t care if Daunte Wright had warrants.

If you want a copy but don’t wanna order anything else just DM us a screenshot of a donation to a bail fund and we’ll send ya one.

So basically the lady writing racist articles online "accidentally," discharged her service weapon at an unarmed black kid that was driving away. A few things; why would you fire a taser at a car? That would be pointless, so that about sums up why this defense is bullshit and it was never meant to be her taser. Furthermore this is not the first time this cop that is the head of the police union has shot somebody that didn't need to be shot. But don't worry the police force is investigating.

Milwaukee Event, spread the word:

March for KTL Lives

Speakers, Singers, Flyers, T-shirts, Snacks, Water, Music & More (we will also pass out signs to hold up during the march – no need to bring your own unless you want to!)

March – cars, bikes, skateboards, other ways of transport also encouraged!
(Specific route is TBA – we will get everyone back to Washington Park by 3:00pm)


more info here:

New Episode—It’s up on Spotify and will be elsewhere soon!

A discussion with Ben Turk volunteer with MKE Lit Supply and author of Power on the Inside: Why Incarcerated Lives Matter to the Black Lives Matter Movement, Sean Wilson of the ACLU of Wisconsin and formerly incarcerated member of our community, and Elijah Prioleau currently incarcerated at Waupun CI.

You can also find the episode here:

You can write to Elijah at:

Leon Elijah Prioleau #420053

WCI—Po Box 351

Waupun, Wi 53963–0351

MKE lit supply podcast is now located on spotify and castbox—soon, we’ll be live on other platforms as well!

Aaaalso, transcripts and zines of our interview with Jailhouse Lawyers Speak on #abolition and anarchists from Ethiopia about the #TigrayGenocide . More at TFSR.WTF/Zines

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A new batch of zines and transcripts of our interviews including Arid McBay on 'Full Spectrum Resistance', Steve Martinez's Grand Jury Resistance & Matt Meyer's chat on collected writings by Kuwasi Balagoon... 👇

Free Maroon graffiti on the DA's Office. Russell Maroon Shoatz is a BLA fighter and political prisoner native to Philly, look him up and read his writings. 📸:

MKE Lit Supply Podcast — Episode 2: how to destroy the world

Our host Tai speaks with Emily & Maddie about this zine...

now available, check it out here:

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Stimulus Obstruction in Wisconsin Prisons

“this is a particularly cruel act on the part of the IRS, who in collaboration with the DOC has made the stimulus program a nightmare for prisoners”

as described by a friend who’s held captive there:

“we are being put at serious risk over NON serious issues. having too much allowed property is not a threat to the safety or security of the prison. in all the years I've been incarcerated I've never heard of a major unit shakedown to ensure inmates didn't have too much allowed property, especially at a time like this.”

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Shakedowns and grouping prisoners into common spaces (enabling further spread of COVID) at Racine Correctional are taking place.
This all comes down to a recent decision to reduce the amount of personal property each prisoner is allowed.
A similar memo just went out at Oshkosh CI, how long till we see jumps in the numbers of people who test positive?
These actions from the DOC are in direct opposition to a DAI policy regarding social distancing.

Getting orders together and adding this set of essays by Russell Maroon Shoatz to the catalog!

@thefinalstrawradio just posted an interview they did with one of the folks from Perilous.

This is an ambitious and important project, cataloging all occurrences of prisoner unrest (dating back to 2010, involving two or more people working together) across turtle island

check out the podcast here:

check out the site here:

Check out the latest episode of the Circle A podcast, featuring an extended interview with @simaleerbg of the Marooncast, where she talks about the rise of Black anarchism in the US, anti-fascism, and the fallout from the Capitol Hill riots.

The Psychology of the Prison Guard

"Hearing their conversations, I witness first hand what the caste system of 'white and black' has truly done to those who believe in 'whiteness' as a power, a God-given right to dominate. It also allows me to see the fear associated in their perceptions, and the evilness that it brings out of them."

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