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@notyourcomrade Mhmm. For people that just can't accept this, I ask if they would have supported the CNT/FAI during Civil War Spain's anti-fascism.
The CNT/FAI armed forces were de facto "the State" shortly after Fascist Franco rebelled, with close support by Trotskyite POUM and then uhmm... some others I wish we could forget. ;-(
It's sometimes more important to resist assured shared fascist imperial obliteration than the struggle to end all States, which can only be continued if alive and not in Gulags. @riotturtle

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"We also wanted the sabotage to be as inconspicuous as possible so that the train would not have time to come to a stop." - Militant group of anarcho-communists sabotages railroad track [] ->

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@BringBackBigfoot also DO NOT GO ALONE. always stick to one group and ideally also go home with them.

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Bigfoot cares. He's out there, asking you to do the following when going to protests:

- Stay masked. COVID is still running rampant. Spreading illness makes organizing less effective.

- Stay hydrated. It'll be hot this summer, so make sure to bring multiple bottles of water. Sunscreen is also a good idea.

- Know your exit route. Cops are violent and will not hesitate to hurt you. Make a plan with your friends and acquaintances to regroup at a safer place if necessary.

A zen-inspired poem about police 

Dear Police.
I love you.
How boring my life wouldn't have been without someone to hate. An opposite. The contrast defining my own shape. How bored I'd be if I didn't have to oppose you.

Thank you police, for showing me how much I'm capable of.

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Someone’s made a zine for opsec, specifically concerning mobile phones.
@lenna retweeted this on her Twitter account and I thought we ought to look at it over here too.

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Here are some helpful folk you can call instead of cops!

* Neighbours, I know you don't talk to them, try it in an emergency you might be surprised.
* Friends online.
* Local anarchists.
* Antifa gf.
* Mediators from cultural/pol orgs.
* Firefighters.
* Doctors or social workers if you have to.
* Fucking randos from twitter dunno whatever just not the fukken cops what are you thinking???

There's no situation that can be improved by armed brutes with a State monopoly on violence. None. Zero.

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Less unsafe phone: summary so far: 

- Get a device not associated with you (e.g. old Fairphone in the aftermarket);
- Install e/OS or LineageOS, without Google Services or gapps;
- Use F-droid/open source apps exclusively;
- Self-host everything, or use nets you trust;
- Don't use it around your house/work/friends/routines.

Now follow with general IT security: Use Tor whenever possible, use an activist VPN like RiseupVPN, don't post anything connected to you, scrub photos of EXIF, etc. etc.

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How to use a smartphone safely during protests and such: 

1. You can't.

A lot about smartphones is a black box, including hardware components. They've been found to record audio or send locations even when "turned off" (one reason why they all avoid removable bateries now). Unless it's in a Faraday cage without power, you can't trust these things.

No shame on ppl who need them tho, so, being aware of the risk:

How to use a smartphone a little bit less unsafely during protests and such:

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for-profit social media will always lean toward platforming fascism AND encouraging fascism among users! a thread

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... what's keeping us unfree is a system, that will operate against us no matter who fills what roles. sure there are a few heads of state and CEOs that, were they removed from their positions we would see a small relief. but on the whole, we are oppressed by a system. it uses laws, prices, trends, and other methods to communicate. it acts as a whole, even when parts of it are in conflict with others.

the cybernetic system of capital

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1. The freedom to move away at will, knowing that you'll be taken in, cared for & valued as a contributor by other groups.

2. The freedom to challenge community decisions and still be respected, heard, engaged with as a part of the community;

3. The freedom to creatively, spontaneously reinvent and experiment with social relations and structures, without being punished or ostracised for it.

(in my mind I think of these as the "no borders, no cops, no rulers" principles, respectively.)

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there was a time when I would say things like "well akshually most of humankind has been anarchist for most of history in most of the world and it was fine". but these attempts at "small-a anarchism" are cooptation. "rejecting coercive authority" is one of those things that white folk make a big splash about inventing, when we're just rediscovering what most people already did from the start.

I now use expressions like "free societies". I want to reclaim the ideal of freedom from the rightwing.

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what if the sense of self-sacrifice and unexamined charity dynamics of activism are underlying activist burnout 🤔

what if you ask yourself what do you want for *you* from being "political", if you don't do it for causes but for people, whom you're not saving, you're siding with as an accomplice and friend, and think what can your friends do for you that you need and can't do alone, and then you're imbued with a sense of gratitude and joy to gang up with your friends, rather than trying to hero

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Places like Twitter are very well designed to keep you engaged and on the platform, in fact that's all Twitter is interested in, never mind the content. To have a radical alternative to Twitter, we have to make a conscious decision to rethink what we want from social media platforms beyond the Pavlovian button --> reward mechanisms of Twitter

Memories from school 

I'm remembering a feeling I had often when I was younger. That thought-hunt I used to go on, in school classrooms. The puzzle of finding the Right Words to say, to get approval of The Teacher.

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lol, it’s ironic, because the people running things are literally in conspiracy all the time. every closed-door, unrecorded meeting powerful people have in legislatures and boardrooms is an act of conspiracy. it’s not intriguing or mysterious, but rather extremely banal. there’s no ‘theory’ about it, it’s just how power works.

the only difference is these people conspire to make the laws instead of break them.

Any momentary breakdown or change in structure of centralized services is an opportunity for autonomy to grow:

(Here using "Net" to describe capturing tech controlled by elites, and "Web" the alternate horizontal open structure of info-exchange)

"Whether through simple data-piracy, or else by a more complex development of actual rapport with chaos, the Web-hacker, the cybernetician of the TAZ, will find ways to take advantage of perturbations, crashes, and breakdowns in the Net"

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If you find Mastodon hard to navigate, maybe consider it as anti-mapping/anti-centralization defense.

"If we were to imagine an information map — a cartographic projection of the Net in its entirety — we would have to include in it the features of chaos, which have already begun to appear [..]
Each of these “areas” of chaos could be represented by topographs similar to the Mandelbrot Set, such that the “peninsulas” are embedded or hidden within the map — such that they seem to “disappear.”"

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Mastodon exists unmapped, and thus unowned and ungovernable. Its complexities hiding real autonomous constructions. A social, cultural space not yet enclosed by fences and checkpoints.
Mastodon, an online Temporary Autonomous Zone

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