"Scientists spent a decade intensively monitoring the impacts of a large government-funded experiment at Hillesden, a 1,000-hectare commercial arable farm in Buckinghamshire. (...) Numbers of some butterfly species including the gatekeeper and green-veined white doubled, and birds that usually feed on insects benefited from the shelter provided by hedges and grass margins, including the great tit, up 88%, and blue tit, up 73%. They also found that overall yields at Hillesden were maintained – and enhanced for some crops – despite the loss of agricultural land for habitat creation."

The science is in: permaculture works, it can feed us all and it helps the planet too.


How about we begin supporting REAL permaculture farmers who know what they're doing instead of funding the asshats sitting in their air-conditioned, diesel-powered tractors mindlessly destroying topsoil with their ploughs and chemical sprays?

@antanicus so, ploughs were invented a long time ago… were they always bad?


@meena @antanicus ploughing is not great, it releases a lot of carbon into the air and makes it easier for top soil to blow away in wind

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