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my friend could use some help

"Hey everyone, due to a mix up with my bank I no longer have access to $900 I was going to use to pay May rent. I could really use some financial help to recover these funds. E transfer or PayPal to support a Black community organizer <3"

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if you say you're anti-capitalist just for the clout, just completely fuck off thanks. not interested in fake people who abuse the trust of others.

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anti-Semitic violence in the USSR 

"The Bolsheviki had closed the Jewish hospitals and now sick Jews were forced to eat treife in the Gentile hospitals. The same applied to the Jewish children in the Bolshevik feeding houses. If a Jew and a Gentile happened to be arrested on the same charge, it was certain that the Gentile would go free while the Jew would be sent to prison and sometimes even shot."

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in the Paris Commune, they burned the guillotine as a symbol of bourgeois oppression. Robespierre didn't build communism, he built a literal death machine. the Jacobins who followed him did not build communism. instead, they would inspire Lenin to build a bigger death machine and falsely call it communism, which inspired Hitler to build an even larger death machine and falsely call it socialism.

beheadings may seem cathartic, but they won't build a better world.

Well thanks to this 1979 AT&T promo film I now know what the phone is called. "The CHESTPHONE."
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"US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has long been a magnet for controversy over its cruel treatment of migrants. But there’s another, potentially more alarming reason to worry about it: ICE has slowly transformed into a vast domestic spying agency that could easily be turned on the American people, whether citizens, documented, or undocumented."

So imagine a future in which a blood test determines you are at risk for suicide, and therefore the State/Psychiatric system, "for your safety, " involuntarily hospitalizes you and will not release you until and unless you agree to a course of treatment, including medication

The only missing part of this dystopia is the blood test. And they are working on it

Welcome to carceral biological determinism

why does anyone just allow me to make dumbass puns on a consistent basis

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Please consider donating to this fundraiser I’m doing. I’m gathering funds to create first aid kits for folks. Especially in case times of pig violence, hate crimes and made shootings it’s important for more people to have access to potentially life saving skills and supples. I will be giving a workshop on using everything. We will also include narcan. Please share around.

If you disagree wiht someone on the Internet, remember to call them a fed. You'll probably be right.

mention of violence, shitpost 

Look, I’m not that controversial, I just think if you own a company that sells bottled water at a concert for FIVE USD, when it’s 95°F outside (35°C), you ought to be dismembered.

Have confirmed that my family owned an egg cuber, possibly obtained at the Easter Show

Wish I could just hibernate for a while, my guards will see you out for disobeying orders :greyangy:

some guys planted a little garden in the middle of a sidewalk where some bricks were missing, with flowers and a little picket fence.

But then when the guy that planted the garden saw a news crew asking people about the unknown guerilla gardener, walked up and said he applauds "whoever did this"

fucking legends

shitposting to unused save ram in game cartridges

the fediverse is not made of some chicken wire and duct tape held together by chewing gum. you can post a lot. the system isn't like capitalism where a boat gets stuck and the whole world slows down.


@crashglasshouses the Amazon union and the Starbucks unions are such an inspiration to me

gonna make a version of sh that removes bel characters from the output

call it shh

You can travel from Burgdorf to Freiburg to Burgdorf to Freiburg by going mostly just straight in the same direction for ~9 hours.

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