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One year ago we launched AltStore as a safe way to install apps outside the App Store, including our Nintendo emulator Delta. We never could’ve anticipated the amazing response — over 1 million people have sideloaded 100+ different apps — and we’re only just getting started

One of the biggest heroes in crypto is Ross Ulbricht. It's past time to let him go. Peaceful people don't deserve to be in a cage for life.

Good news from Billie Winner-Davis regarding her daughter, Reality Winner. She deserves so much better than this. She deserves freedom! RSVP at to join us at where Billie will speak in more detail about Reality's freedom campaign.

Reminder that @jitsinews offers encrypted meetings and conference calls, if you're looking for a free way to keep in touch with friends and family!

Somehow I doubt a president fighting on behalf of another president is truly going to be a win for a free and uncensored internet but it's nice to be hopeful sometimes, I guess.

Here is a report on FBI visits in Georgia:

Apparently, they are using the arrests a few people who live-streamed themselves inside the Capitol as cover to crack down on movements that oppose fascism and police violence.

The FBI is visiting anti-fascists around the country, using the invasion of the Capitol as an excuse to threaten the movements that have done the most to resist those responsible for the events of January 6.

They don't protect us from fascists—they coddle fascists and attack us!

This is a perfect example of the personal level of accountability we should have toward our comrades. We're all in this fight together so let's act like it instead of driving further apart. Join Aron from Re Education next month at
RSVP today at

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