The Coup de Gras DLive went down so we're using the Green Market Agorist page to finish. Give us a second to get our feeds switched over and we'll meet you there. Here is the link:

Ford Fischer is live now at Coup de Gras. Watching now and all weekend at

Aqua Annette, Ford Fischer, Phoenix Midnight, and so much more, live streamed all weekend long at Coup de Gras, the most radical Mardi Gras festival of its kind. See the full lineup and register today at

Just about a week left before the most radical Mardi Gras festival on earth takes the internet by storm. Register today at

So much talent it won't fit on one meme. Tag your favorite and register today at

Are you pumped for our amazing lineup? Over the next two weeks, we'll be spotlighting our speakers across every channel. But why wait? Sign up today at

I think a lot of the disappointment with Biden I'm seeing comes from the fact that a lot of us still have the expectation that government should be here to help and not as a shield that guards the interests of the rich from the poor. The shit they give us is to quell the unrest so they can expand their corporate colonialism without hinderance. It is our job here to use up their resources so they can't afford to send $4bn to oppressive regimes in central America to help "stabalize," them.

South San Francisco courthouse attacked.

Full Communique:

The building was vandalized with anti-police, anti-State, anti-colonization slogans and the windows of the front entrance were smashed in.

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Join us Monday Jan 25, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to former Kamau Sadiki!

We also encourage sending birthday cards to political prisoners with February birthdays: Veronza Bowers (the 4th) and Oso Blanco (the 26th).

Anyone with a shred of sanity left in their skull will spend today making fun of liberals and their unsettling worship of the richest most evil people on earth

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