Cold Brew Chronicles, Vol. XVI is here! Patrons can check out not one but TWO chapters of a speculative fiction/solarpunk manuscript I'm working on in this latest edition of our bi-monthly zine.

As always, if folks can't afford to support us on Patreon but still want to read the zine, no worries! Just shoot me an email and I'll get you situated. Nothing we create for this project is meant to be locked behind a paywall indefinitely.

Ep. 150: “A Game of 20(ish) Questions” is now live wherever you get your podcasts! We celebrate this special edition of the program with a bit of housekeeping and a Q&A. This episode is a bit experimental for us, but we hope you like it nonetheless!

Ep. 150 is now LIVE for our Patreon supporters! Subscribe today for just a $1/month for early access and other sweet perks or swing back by 10/12/21 for the public release of this very special edition of the program.

It brings me great pleasure to present the new artwork and logo for @coffeewithcomrades! Inexpressible thanks to the incredibly talented Nathanael Whale
who helped bring my vision of an isometric utopian coffee co-op to life.

Miss last night's inaugural @coffeewcomrades fiction book club? Well, good news, bookworms! The audio file is now up on Patreon. Check it out, nerds.

Ep. 149: "What's the Point if We Can't Have Fun?"
ft. Works in Theory

Nate & Tom join me to discuss David Graeber's legacy, anthropocentrist myopia, the pitfalls of science, joy, jubilee, & the euphoria of play.

RT, comrades!

RIP, David Graeber

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