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leave space in your zine margins for comments so they can be recirculated with added meaning, updates, and new perspectives!

for some reason anarchists seem to find this a novelty in distroism circles? I recirculate zines after annotating them.

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you're right, I wouldn't download a car
i would download a train

bike mechanic class got up to starting full restorations today & i snagged a Bianchi!

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hey, CW your shit

yes, this means you, and this means even if it's REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE USA that WE ALL NEED TO KNOW

i've woken up this morning to graphic descriptions of violence, which has ruined my mental health for the day and is pretty much the definition of "thing you should CW"

i've blocked the fuckwit who posted it and the fuckwit who boosted it, but if you can't deal with clicking the little CW button, try this site instead:

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May 24th is Trans Day of Just Fucking Pirating All The Shit You Want And Cancelling Netflix

"i'm not going to mask in public because i don't like the dietary choices made by people around me" is a take i encountered on the bird site today and i think that'll be enough of the bird site for today.

today's morning read was an absolute gem.

"We are not watching Shrek anymore as much as we’re watching each other. I don’t want to feel bad about it and I don’t want them to feel bad about it, it’s all fucking stupid. I like it. I’d watch it again. I hope no one ever learns their lesson, that would be so boring."

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everybody has read on protest prepping but something I seldomly see mentioned: you'll have allies at an action.

if you can carry more water than you need, someone who forgot to bring water can drink. surprlus warm clothes protect against unexpected chill winds at night, or help someone who came in shorts. a labelled IFAK can enable someone who is not you to help a 3rd person. snacks make people happy and bond together.

don't try to carry too much ofc, but it feels nice to think of others.

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Tennessee is about to be the first state to make it a felony to camp on public property, like parks. This means criminalizing homelessness at the same time as housing costs skyrocket. It’s hard to see how this leads to anything other than imprisonment for the crime of being poor.

Via @joshuapotash

With public camping a felony, Tennessee homeless seek refuge

Everything Everywhere All At Once makes me cry and want to hug my mom

amazing how the more i research the psych meds i was given, the more i see correlations between "rare" side effects and what i've been told are symptoms of chronic illness.

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We need a different word than “mutual aid” for “asking the internet for money”

I’m all for surviving in any reasonably ethically way possible but “mutual aid” is not just any ol thing that helps tide over someone else

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Sometimes at my job I forget to calculate tax, and the bookkeeper does not appreciate my excuse that I am trying to become ungovernable

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Please listen to me talking on @coffeewithcomrades about the awfulness that is psychiatry, why it should be abolished, and what we can cultivate in its ruins!

incredible read from Jeff Vandermeer on the ongoing pro-business anti-life ecocide in Florida, and the consequences:

the more i dig in on Not Office Job type work the more i am amazed i ever thought i could be happy with that. give me hands covered in grease and dirt, sore muscles and the satisfaction of fixing things.

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Abuse mention 

One very nice thing about fedi recently is that i am not presented with content about an abuser and his victim constantly. Something about all these other sites is making them promote it like some kind of soap opera instead of the gross misogynist backlash it is.

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it’s time to light the fire
it’s time to raise the dead
it’s time to profane god
on the muppet show tonight

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