went to the garden today and made some tall supports for the tomatoes, they’re going wild after all the water yesterday!

fantasy racism, hellsite 

seems pretty weird to muse on this from a place of “heehee, more trauma for biracial people”

let alone that DnD races and fantasy has a huge foundational eugenics problem

i’m not reading this in the worst faith here am i???

i did build a model today tho! my first robot!!! 🤖 i saw em in the hobby shop for cheap and ofc i had to bc ey’re clowncore and i adore clowns TTwTT

product photo but w/e

humanure / poop farming discussion 

Jeanette has some steaming hot takes on humanure but I’m rly here for D’Anne absolutely fucking destroying her

this little diva (herbie) won’t rest unless i let her lay on my lap during my morning coffee shit

she’s also learned how to open all the doors in the house

i love her so gd much

remembering when i tried to grow cat grass and harvey thought it was a bed just for him

love my son

food, mold, mushrooms 

got some scary rejuvelac in the fridge that smells like stinky feet and i feel like if it was rotten i would be able to see it, so i think i’m gonna chance it

mold or bad growth is just *so* obvious in mushroom cultivation that i feel more comfy with trusting this isn’t that but we’ll see >:3

that being said: this white sediment look weird to anyone familiar w ferment?


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