finally ate a mild amount of shit on my bike today

@lethargilistic aw omg thank you! :> i'm doing fine, just scraped a little and happy to have gotten the first fall out of the way. guess i've still gotta learn to hop curbs!

@ceeg That's good to hear! I never got the hang of those, so I just rely on curb cuts. ^^;;;

My first fall was going down an extremely steep hill like a dumbass who doesn't know what brakes are. Crossed the yellow trying to get back in control after a turn, panicked and braked hard, flew over my handlebars and landed in the gravel. Had some nerve damage around my waist, but I got better and learned my lessons, lol.

@lethargilistic owww!!!! ToT i'm glad you're okay from all that, it sounds like it could have ended up way worse (not that nerve damage is anything small ;w;)

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