hey hey does any1 have a good local app for parsing HUGE json data in a readable way? trying to explore a data leak from ddosecrets ToT

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@ceeg What OS are you using? If Windows, have you tried Notepad++ with a JSON plug-in? On Mac, JSON Viewer. On Linux, I'd try it in a terminal editor with a JSON plug-in. I don't know how huge "huge" is, but I can't remember the last time none of these did the trick.

@lethargilistic ty for the recs! I use both but prefer linux for working w data (altho wsl is compelling) -- i'm realizing this may be a problem of poor organization cuz its hard to know where to start exploring a dataset like this ToT

the biggest file is 1.3gb and im here just firing into the wind grepping ppls names rn

@ceeg Ah, yeah, that is pretty huge by my standards (years-old laptops I got for free along the way, lol). I think the "Most JSON is repetitive, so fuck it. *copies the first 10000 lines into a different file and stuff it with ending braces*" approach is seriously underrated just because it's "inelegant."

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