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My financial situation isn't getting any better.
I'm 300€ overdrawn and my electricity and phone bill didn't go through. Not to mention my 2.700€ electricity bill for the 2021 year my electricity agency didn't take monthly. I'm on sickleave since last October due to my burn out and I'm getting paid much less, I barely eat because I'd rather buy food for my pidges but it's starting to have huge impacts on my (mental) health. 😔
My PayPal is paypal.me/melissalaguel

Thank you 🙏🏼

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homophobia, important 

Please keep an eye out for people trying to brand monkeypox as a "gay disease", explicit or otherwise, and push back hard and early!

I've already started seeing the same kind of "the damn gays fucking everywhere" rhetoric that also popped up during the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. That rhetoric was directly responsible for (tens of?) thousands of deaths.

We absolutely *cannot* afford to let homophobes gain control over the public narrative around monkeypox, and let them use it to once again kill queer folks by denying them crucially important healthcare. :boosts_ok_gay:

please drop me a trustworthy matrix server

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photo didnt attach last time, lets try that again! anyone got a good idea of what thus could be? western md, smells fennely/nutmeg/chocolate when crushed

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heyhey does any1 have an idea of what this is? Found in western MD, smells fennely and earthy when crushed!!

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i only found out about this around midday and im still reeling & i guess im gonna crowdfund on bird site. im seething

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my mom got fucking arrested for 2 days on false charges, the pigs were called by a vindictive neighbor & the pigs brutalized & traumatized her

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finally ate a mild amount of shit on my bike today

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hey hey does any1 have a good local app for parsing HUGE json data in a readable way? trying to explore a data leak from ddosecrets ToT

just found out that a pepper spray canister absolutely would fit in my inhaler

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