The thing about this genocidal mass sterilization campaign is that it’s probably legal. Buck v. Bell is still on the books, and many states never repealed their forced sterilization laws. It’s horrifying. Plus, a hysterectomy is no pap smear. It’s not a simple medical procedure. This requires the active complicity of legions of medical personnel. Anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons... the mind boggles.

@caserio Having had one for medical reasons I can attest that it's major surgery with great risks of complication even if done well--and I doubt these assholes are taking the time to make sure they're doing a good job. It's sickening.

@Shufei So far, it’s only one whistleblower accusing a single gynecologist. It has to be much bigger than that, though, for reasons I set forth in the OP. It’s also telling that the forced hysterectomies aren’t even the top abuse Wooten notes in the whistleblower complaint. It takes a lot for nonconsensual sterilizations to not make the Top 5.

@caserio Thank you for the head’s up on this. I was given to understand, how having read several reports, that more than one practitioner is implicated, just that the whistleblower especially highlights him for “collecting” uteruses. Yes?

No doubt all of this is the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

@caserio I knew about coercive sterilization in general but your toot had me on a deep dive this morning. It's amazing how explicit the eugenic intent was. It wasn't accidental, not unintentional, not a "necessary evil" - just awful through and through.

@caserio Tubal ligations are far simpler and less harrowing and equally effective, and vasectomies are one afternoon of discomfort.

But uh… what genocidal mass sterilization campaign? No I mean, which one?

@cy ICE’s actions are manifestly genocidal, and if you can’t see that by now, you’re hopeless.

@caserio Oh, yeah. ICE is pretty awful.

Other genocidal maniacs running around include Vanguard, Patriot Front, Proud Boys, Muslims, Baptists, Austrian economists, gun control lobbyists, The World Bank, cattle farmers, Russia, and neoliberal conservatives.

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