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i cant bring myself to just block them because they might think it's rude but on the other hand i dont want a buncha demsocs trash talking me for being too extreme or something.

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maaan someone put me on their canadian nocomradesunder1k list on twitter and i've been getting floods of NDP and demsoc followers. i think that's enough twitter for me 😓

awwright, weekend. time to sort through the dozens of bookmarks i've accumulated :P

Yes, Joe Biden's decision to repeal Trump's ban on transgender people serving openly in the military will mean less fear and danger for those who have no better option.

But the best way to support trans people is still to ensure that everyone has a better option than enlisting in the military.

True liberation means abolishing all militaries. Institutions like the US military have always been used against those on the margins. The stronger they are, the less assured our own freedom will be.

From inclusion to resistance!

"Transgender people today are at a crossroads. Which side of the barricades will we be on? Will we be letting our commanding officer know which pronoun we prefer them to use as they order us to shoot tear gas canisters at our neighbors? Or will we be joining everyone who hungers for the freedom to determine our lives, our genders, our sexualities, and our futures together, as we see fit, outside the boxes offered to us by enlistment forms and cellblocks?"

"[Ancaps] saw him criticize communism, laughed, and figured that Stirner MUST be a capitalist because how much he was talking about Communism sucking ass."

i love this roast on those weird online "Stirnerian"-Ancap types

now considering disability assistance. who's hiring disabled folks during covid? absolutely no one lol. hellworld

if you name your hedge fund company "citadel" then you should probably expect it to be attacked lol

He means us more when he says this, And this is my response to him: "Fuck around, find out. You're the one being violent in the first place and we'll crack down on your liberal extremism whenever your acts of liberal extremism causes harm."


Tfw the spirit of American hegemony exits the body of the previous president, leaving just a husk as it searches for it's new host.

ha ha i have discarded the foolish trappings of religion! *religious ideology reproduces itself in the secular realm* ah shit! ah fuck

filing a dmca takedown against the human mind which can be used to process copyrighted thoughts

Might read The Ecology of Freedom by Bookchin. After seeing it mentioned/cited several times in Anarchist Federation pamphlets/books I've read, it seems interesting.

Just a preview of how liberals will continue to not be measurably "less evil" at all.

Eventually, I aspire to jolt some people out of their unaware tennis match world. For now, I'm seeing the most bullshit and venting while trying to teach myself.
Being caught between identifying the causes, and not yet feeling equipped enough for action, is a phase that lasts too long for comfort. But, it must be that way.

every time i see Females in a book shop i get so pissed lmao

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